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FIFA eSports Betting — Legend is Now Available for Bet

FIFA is undeniably one of the most famous console games that have literally revolutionized the eSports industry. At present, FIFA eSports at the professional level features a huge number of teams, including top players like Liverpool, Barcelona, Manchester United, and others. The latest version of this game for PS4, Xbox, and other portable devices are FIFA 23, which was released in October 2022.

There are various eSports leagues and tournaments available to bettors at the moment, but the FIFA eWorld Cup is the most popular. If you are a fan of this game, you can visit almost any online bookie and find this option among the range of cyber games available.

However, along with all the advantages of a large selection of online bookmakers comes the problem of choosing: which FIFA eSports betting sites are trustworthy and reliable? Our team of experts is ready to help you with this and save you time looking for the perfect FIFA betting platform. In the table below, you can see a list of top bookies that meet all the necessary requirements for the quality of services provided and safety.

  • Free broadcasts of eSports matches
  • Excellent selection of gaming disciplines
  • The highest bonus among competitors
  • Quick registration with anonymous play
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  • Various cryptocurrencies for payments without fees
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N1 Bet
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  • Good odds for live betting on major Dota 2 tournaments
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  • A wide range of bets for CS: GO and Dota 2

Best FIFA Betting Sites

Experts from esports-betting-bro.com thoroughly checked most of the top-rated FIFA eSports betting platforms to show you the best of the best. Each online bookmaker described below has its own peculiarities, different betting line types, variable odds, and more.

Thus, you can choose exactly the option that is perfectly suited for you. At the same time, all of the bookies have a number of common features, namely: a high level of personal data and financial data protection, a user-friendly interface, a large selection of payment methods, and reliable customer support service.

So, let’s move on to a review of the top 3 websites for betting on this discipline.


This bookie comes with a lot of FIFA eSports betting options. Even if you are a newcomer, you can easily figure everything out and adapt to the intuitively understandable interface and clear football events grid within a couple of minutes. UniBet offers a wide range of standard and specific FIFA bets, but the most popular are the following:

Also, UniBet offers FIFA fans to bet on tournaments. For example, you can take advantage of FIFA bets within the eWorld Cup. This is a great option for long-term betting, where you can predict the winners of separate competitions as well as the finalist.

In addition to competitive odds here, you can take advantage of handy odd formats, including Fractional, Decimal, and American. Also, Unibet.com comes with a responsive mobile version of the site, you can launch on any smartphone or tablet with iOS or Android on board.


A great thing about GG.Bet is that this bookie regularly organizes FIFA tournaments. It is something that makes it one of the best FIFA eSports betting sites you can find online. After proceeding to GGBet FIFA section, you can quickly switch between all available football events using the “All,” “Upcoming,” and “Live” filters.

This bookmaker is also one of the top eSports betting sites due to competitive odds and a wide variety of FIFA bets, including outrights, tournament winners, exact scores, top players, specific metrics, and more. Compared to the previous FIFA betting site, it offers a greater variety of odd formats, including Hong Kong, Indo, and Malay. In addition, you can constantly track detailed odds statistics in general and for a specific FIFA match. Users of the platform can enjoy live streams that allow them to watch the game and place bets at the same time in one place.


Thanks to the handy interface of the Rivalry FIFA betting site, you can bet on any match and create a bet slip literally in a few clicks. A great thing about this bookie is that it quickly refreshes the odds on FIFA matches that allow you to adequately react to changes in the gameplay. Speaking about odds, Rivalry.com offers the best of them, ranging from the second tier to the world championship series.

Like with the previous best FIFA betting sites, here you can enjoy live streaming without the need of spending money on registering on third-party streaming platforms. Together with lucrative sports promos and various free bet options, Rivalry can become a real finding for every cyber football fan.

How to Bet on FIFA eSports

Even if you are a newcomer to FIFA eSports, you can easily master it using the information provided below. Our team gathered only the key points that you would face while betting on FIFA, including markets, as well as a general description of a typical game match.

Markets Offered by top FIFA Betting Sites

FIFA offers a wide variety of standard and special types of bets. However, the most popular wagers you can place on the best FIFA betting sites are the following:

  1. Match betting — is a great option for beginners where you bet on a win, loss, or draw.
  2. Total goals — in this case, you predict how many goals will be scored for the entire game.
  3. Handicaps — with this option, you can add some extra conditions to the bet to boost the odds.
  4. HT score — in this type, you predict what the score will be by the time of the break.

Also, it is necessary to mention FIFA betting on tournaments. In this case, FIFA eSports lovers can predict both intermediate winners and the team that will receive the main prize. Keep in mind that here bettors face multiple inputs, so this option works better for experienced punters.

How Does FIFA eSoccer Battle Play?

In FIFA games it is possible to play individually, in pairs or as part of a team. It is noteworthy that the rules in FIFA eSports are almost the same as in regular football. As a result, you will not find any differences if you compare the markets of both options. The main thing to note is the length: typical FIFA eSports games do not last longer than eight or twelve minutes.

A typical match on which bookmakers give FIFA betting line may have the following two main modes. Ultimate Team (UT) — in this case, players from different clubs and nationalities are recruited in order to assemble a top team of 11 players. The second option is Kick-OFF which is the perfect way to organize a quick unranked friendly match. In addition, this option is used to play against the CPU.

FIFA Betting Tips

Regardless of the pre-match or live FIFA betting options you choose, there are some basic nuances you need to know. For your convenience, we created a handy short list of the main tips you can use while placing the online bet.

  1. Opt for an eSports bookie that offers live streaming. It will help you react faster to gameplay changes.
  2. Always follow the FIFA betting odds in real time. Always try to follow the markets in order to understand how reactive coefficients are.
  3. Be flexible and ready to change your mind. Try not to get emotional and keep your head cool: the team you like does not always have the objective potential to win.

Do not forget that you must always take goals as the main priority. As in real football, this is a key point to consider when developing your FIFA betting strategy.

FIFA eSports Tournaments: Overview and Top Events

If you want to discover the world of high stakes and excitation games, then you need to know about tournaments. Below we have described two main events you should know if you decide to bet on FIFA eSports.

FIFA World Cup & Global Series

This tournament is hosted by representatives from EA Sports and features an open qualifier format that takes place on the PlayStation and Xbox networks. It allows millions of people to participate in the preliminary qualifying rounds. As a result, only the top 16 players advance to the eWorld Cup Finals. In addition, during the FIFA eSports season, participants can count on participation in FeWC (one of the FIFA Global Series championships). As a result, 16 top players are eligible to participate in FeWC.

As for the Grand Final, here you can see 32 players who are divided into 4 groups. Then, the top 16 players proceed to the playoffs. The final part of the FIFA eSports tournament consists of 2 stages with one game on each console. This grandiose event is held for three days, during which the draw, the games, and the coronation of the finalist are held.

The winner of the FeWC receives not only money winnings but also the opportunity to participate in the Best FIFA Awards and meet the greatest representatives of the real football world. The amounts of money within FIFA tournaments are also impressive. For example, last year’s championship had a prize pool of 500,000 USD.

FIFA Leagues

At the time of writing, you can experience 30 different leagues in FIFA, which represent all continents. At the same time, the total number of players who participate in the events reaches 700. If you decide to enjoy FIFA bets online, here, you can find all the top leagues, including Liga Profesional de Futbol, 1A Pro League, Premier League, EFL League One, and others. If you are looking for more details on this topic, you can always proceed to the official FIFA page.

How It All Began: A Brief History of the FIFA Game

If you are interested in how to bet on FIFA, you might be willing to learn a bit about its history. The first tournament was held in 2004 in Switzerland and was not as significant compared to those which are currently running. Already in 2010, the FIWC was noted for appearing on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records by the number of registered players. At the moment, the record that cannot be beaten is 2.5 million players.

Experienced FIFA betting enthusiasts remember that, initially, FIWC was available exclusively on PlayStation 3. However, starting in 2015, Xbox One players were also able to take part in the tournament. The 2018 goal was marked by the fact that the FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) was renamed FIFA eWorld Cup (FeWC). At the time of writing the review, 15 tournaments were held, and the last one was in Copenhagen. Then, the best player (according to performance indicators) was Umut, who played for Germany. He won 250,000 USD.