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StarCraft 2 Betting – Feel Free to Bet on the First eSports!

What do you know about real-time strategies? Games of this genre are something special. They push their players to the limits by obliging them with tens of tasks. Executing each of them closes a competitor to victory. But that is what the players should care about. We, spectators, see a completely different picture. Picture of exciting battles. Where two masterful opponents are thoughtfully commanding their units to crash their challenger. And that is what StarCraft 2 betting is all about.

Today, you will know why betting on StarCraft 2 is unique. We will acquaint you with its tournaments, history, betting options, and more. So get your inner bettor ready, and let’s go!

Best StarCraft 2 Betting Sites

Interestingly, the fate of your betting is defined much earlier before you place a first stake. It starts when you choose a bookmaker. Why? Because the bookmaker facilitates conditions for your StarCraft 2 betting. Let’s take the odds as an example. Each bookmaker has them slightly differently. And those numbers are directly impacting your profit.

And profit is not the only thing to worry about here. What about the accessibility of tournaments and competitions? Yes, you’ve heard it right. Some bookies are too lazy to put enough StarCraft competitions on their platforms. As a result, you will be left out with nothing to bet on!

What might be even worse is the lack of betting markets. Who wants to fall into a boring routine of match-winner bets? And that is what you are risking if choosing a website for SC2 betting is not properly.

However, there are plenty more things to keep in mind. You must check the platform’s licensing, so you will be legally protected when playing. And don’t forget about customer support so that you can solve any issue in minutes. Worrying about all of that alone is a real pain. Hand this to professionals! Making our list of the best sites for StarCraft 2 betting, we are considering all that and much more.

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StarCraft 2 Betting Markets and Opportunities

Now, let’s go deeper into the subject of SC2 betting markets. Hence you will know what your betting opportunities are. The most widespread and popular bet types are:

Match winner A default bet type that allows you to predict who will win a match. It’s a foundation of betting. And a market that perfectly suits newcomers. The odds for it are pretty moderate. But if one of the competitors is drastically higher in skills, the odds will jump.
Map winner The StarCraft 2 competition consists of a couple of rounds. In a community, they are called maps. And so, with the map winner, you can try to guess who wins a certain map. This one works best with a live StarCraft 2 betting function. Read about it further in the text.
Map score You should know that the competitions are presented in formats of BO3, BO5, BO7, etc. And so you can predict the final score of it. For example, bet on the 3:2 (BO5) score in favor of a certain team.
Outright winner This bet type is for real kings of StarCraft 2 betting. With outright, you can predict the winner of the whole tournament. In fact, you can do it before it begins. The odds for it are crazy. But they might be more settled if there is an obvious favorite.
Game-specific markets You might also stumble across betting markets that appear only at StarCraft. They are closely related to the game mechanics. They can include predicting how many buildings of a type will be completed, the amount of recruited units, etc.

Above, we talked about the odds a couple of times. But do you know how they work? Let us clarify it for you. The odds represent the potential outcome of a bet and how much you profit from it. They can appear as fractional, decimal, and money line types. Let’s take a look at the most popular decimal, or as it is called, European odds type.

For example, we are betting on the match winner in the StarCraft 2 game. Team one has odds of 1.5, while team two has odds of 3. As a rule of thumb, a 1 is your own bet amount. So if you bet on team one, you will get your bet amount (1) plus half of it (0.5) back. Correspondingly, the wager on the second team will give you three times your bet.

Live Streaming for More Accurate Bets

So, how can you make your StarCraft betting more accurate? With live bets, of course! Never heard of them? Let’s make it clear, then. Live betting is when you place a stake in a match that has already begun. And it can help you with your accuracy a lot.

Hence you can examine the game details before making a bet. See what fractions are colliding and inspect the map peculiarities. This information can greatly help you with predicting a game outcome.

However, you should know that live bet odds are unstable. They will change all the time according to the in-game situation. For example, if one player takes down an important structure of others, the odds will shift in his favor. Use this fact to get the most value out of live bets.

Live StarCraft betting is utilized by constant track of the matches. Streams come in handy here. They can often be found on bookmaker websites or streaming platforms.

StarCraft 2 Overview: Formation of eSports Discipline

The gaming process of StarCraft 2 follows the foundational principles of RTS (real times strategies). Throughout the entire gameplay, players have to collect as many resources as possible. Then, they invest these resources into buildings. And buildings are used to produce more recourse, recruit an army, or create a tactical advantage. But in the end, all these actions lead to one simple object: destroying all that your opponent has.

SC2 esports

But destroying an opponent is a tricky task. To do that, the player has to manage his units and characters thoughtfully. Otherwise, an opponent will outrun and beat him.

The game has different maps and fractions, which dictate how players perform. Due to that, each StarCraft match is different from the previous one. And so, players and spectators are never bored with games.

History – Then and Today

StarCraft was always considered competitive. In fact, it was one of the first eSports games in the RTS genre. The year of its fame was 2003: a time when Korean StarCrafters started to form rosters. And as proof of how serious it was, the teams were sponsored by giants such as Samsung and SK Telecom. Today, there are many professional-level teams, and the best StarCraft players impress with a variety of tactics and unconventional game strategies.

Thanks to the Korean fanbase, StarCraft was the most popular game at the World Cyber Games event. Through the years, the game has given more than four million dollars in prizes!

Since the release of StarCraft 2 in 2010, the eSports scene has switched to it. For many years, the game was centered around the Korean world. But in 2020, Blizzard signed a contract with ESL and DreamHack, transferring main game events into Europe.

Tournaments with the Best StarCraft 2 Odds

Even now, 20 years after the game’s debut, you can still find great StarCraft 2 tournaments. The ones with the best odds are:

Tournament Name Features Prize Pool
ESL Pro Tour This event has been around for four years now. Annually, it has assembled all of the best StarCraft players from previous tournaments. As a result, this is one of the most exciting SC2 events. $1,300,000
GSL (Global Starcraft League) Largest SC event in South Korea. It is conducted multiple times a year. So you have more time to bet on StarCraft 2 and spectate the performances of Asian players (who are traditionally the best at the game). $500,000
ESL SCII Masters Regionals Each year, ESL conducts two major regional events, in summer and winter. Events are conducted among four regions: America, Asia, Europe, and Korea. So this is a great chance to see an international StarCraft clash. $200,000

These 3 events attract millions of StarCraft fans annually. Due to such anticipation, bookies strive to create the best betting conditions to have the most bettors visiting their platforms. As a result, you can expect StarCraft betting odds and promotions to be exceptional.

How to Bet on StarCraft 2

Getting good at StarCraft bets takes time. However, some tips can quickly speed up the process. Here is what StarCraft betting pros recommend:

Do you know which information is considered valuable? The one that you put to practice. So don’t throw away what you’ve just learned about StarCraft eSports. You can already make your first StarCraft bet! To do that, go to the table at the beginning of this page and choose a bookmaker. But don’t overcomplicate it, as all of them are perfectly suitable for StarCraft betting.