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Rocket League Betting — Amazing eSports for a Cool Experience

Sometimes, the craziest experiments result in great discoveries. Psyonix, Rocket League developer, was bold enough to merge two completely different genres: football and arcade racing games. Oh man, even Jules Vern would be jealous of that concept! As a result, we have a fast-paced competitive game that heavily relies on players’ personal skills: Rocket League.

Bookmakers couldn’t just pass by such a prospect. And what do we have now? Rocket League betting is a popular eSports niche. It offers bettors breathtaking competitions and excellent profit capabilities. Want to raise some cash with Rocket League too? Sit back, relax, and learn how it is done!

But first we advise you to choose a decent bookmaker for Rocket League. You can use our top sites that we tested especially for you.

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Rocket League Betting Guide — Bet Correctly!

Although Rocket League betting is a money source for some people, for others, it may become a money drainer! It is because they don’t take it seriously. You can’t just throw in a couple of tens of bucks mindlessly and expect a hundred in return. That is a way to bankruptcy! So how should you approach Rocket League bets instead? Easy, let us share with you a couple of Rocket League betting secrets.

Analysis is Your Closest Friend

A number one thing you must do when you are interested in betting is analysis. What is the point of that? It will help you get a clearer picture of competitors and their upcoming performances. Or in other words, your match-reading capability in Rocket League betting will skyrocket!

A pre-game analysis is a comprehensive task that includes analyzing:

  1. Competitors’ physical shape. Even the lightest health issues, like the flu, can cause a downgrade in players’ performance. Always consider it;
  2. Competitors’ mental state. Losses and failures can negatively impact players’ mentality, causing a condition called “tilt.” When tilted, players perform poorly and can not meet your expectations. Ensure to examine previous team matches, considering their outcomes;
  3. Players’ skill levels. Of course, we should know how well each player performs. Getting that down will help you get a picture of players’ strengths. This will help you predict a match outcome more easily. Learn this parameter by watching how players performed previously or examining their ratings;
  4. Team’s cohesiveness. Rocket League is a teamplay-based game. Thus, how well players can perform as a team plays a huge role in the match outcome. Learn that by knowing for how long the team trains together, etc.;

Now, combine all those stats, and predicting a game will seem easy for you.

Available Betting Markets in Bookmakers

The next thing to always keep in mind before betting is markets (types of bets). If you are unfamiliar with a concept, different Rocket League betting markets allow you to predict various outcomes. The ones worth the most of your attention are:

Match Winner It is the bread and butter of Rocket League betting. This classic market allows you to wager on which team will win a match. It is a great option for bettors who are just starting out. The odds for the match winner are moderate, especially when the team’s chances of winning are equal.
Over/Under Predict the match score and take advantage of profitable odds with over/under bets. A bookie gives you a number regarding a particular score value (number of total goals, goals performed by one team, etc.), and you need to bet whether an actual score number goes over or under it.
Handicap It is not a secret that tournament brackets present unfair matches. We are talking about the battle of unequally skilled teams. Such games are rarely considered by bettors: their odds are too bad. The handicap bet solves that. With this bet type, a bookmaker eases a task for an outsider team. For example, for your bet to win, the outsider must score fewer goals than usually required. Thus, the strengths of teams are more equal, the same as the odds now.
Game-specific Markets Know which team is more proactive and aggressive in terms of early scoring. Bet that they will hit the first goal of the match. Or wager that they will make more goal attempts! Spotted a strong defensive competitor? Try to predict how many saves they will perform. These and other game-specific outcomes for Rocket League betting are found at the best bookies..

Discover these markets, make multiple bets per game, and watch the matches with even more excitement! And most importantly, grab cash off more Rocket League bets.

The Main Difficulties in Betting

Before you make a bet on Rocket League for the first time, you might face some difficulties. Although they seem a big deal, an experienced Rocket League bettor would laugh at them. Why? Because they are easily fixed.

For example, the first one to pop up is choosing a bookie. If you are new to this, your eyes will scatter in different directions while researching. This is because you don’t know what to look for. You need a comprehensive guide! We’ll answer all your bookie-selection questions a couple of paragraphs further.

You might also get frustrated selecting a match. To do it properly, you must define the purpose of your bet. If you are doing it for fun, just bet on Rocket League most exciting and pumped-up game. Want to raise funds? Check out the odds on matches; analyze thoroughly to estimate your chances and wager!

The Best Rocket League Betting Sites

Each Rocket League betting site is a combination of the bookmaker’s essential elements: security, user experience, odds, betting markets, etc. Most websites have just a couple of those elements at the top level. But the best Rocket League betting sites deliver an impeccable experience, pushing every element to its best.

How to Understand That the Bookmaker is Good?

Finding a perfect bookie for betting on Rocket League is a hell of a task. Especially if you haven’t dealt with similar objects previously. You will hopelessly scroll through the Google search, hoping to find something good. Each click on the link will seem like a chance to enter a dream bookie. But after hundreds of those, you will be left with just a mess in your head. Why is it? Because you lack a strategy! Yes, a strategy is what you need to find a proper bookie for Rocket League bets.

Here is the most popular template bettors use to examine and assess the quality of the bookmaker:

When you’ve sent the chosen platform through those “filters,” you will understand what you are dealing with. And now you are standing on solid ground to compare, analyze, and choose the best Rocket League betting site!

The Basics of Rocket League eSports

Rocket League eSports has a set of strict rules. The traditional match layout is 3v3, played on one of the available football fields. The field doesn’t change as they are just cosmetical features. During one match, teams play a set of games up to BO10. One game lasts for just five minutes. Don’t underestimate this period: it is enough for Rocket League masters to score unbelievable goals.

The game’s main objective for a team is to score more goals during the given time than the opponent. To do that, players can use their vehicles to any extent. Some teams play with a goalkeeper, while in others, each player is responsible for saving gate shots.

If the timer runs out and players have the same scores, the additional time will kick in.

Professional Tournaments to Bet On

The Rocket League eSports scene is full of worthy events. Such competitions are attempted by the best players, thirsting to show you amazing plays. But which competition is the largest for betting on Rocket League? No doubt, it is an RLCS (Rocket League Championship Series). This event started in 2016, and since then, it has awarded players more than 20 million dollars! But players are not the only ones awarded. RLCS is an excellent chance for bettors to raise some cash. Due to the large number of matches played, fantastic odds, and event-specific promotions, RLCS is highly anticipated among Rocket League bettors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I increase my chances of winning in Rocket League betting?

The best way to do that is to follow a certain Rocket League betting strategy. Analyze available matches, their odds, and margins: bet only on profitable ones.

How do Rocket League odds work?

Rocket League betting odds make two bodies with one shot: it represents the chances of both teams winning and potential betting awards. Learn more about how Rocket League odds work on a separate page on our website.

Are the Rocket League matches broadcasted at the bookies?

Yes, but only at some of them. If you seek this option, look for the live stream property at the bookmaker.

What to pay attention to when making a prediction on this game?

When predicting a game, you must estimate chance by analyzing teams’: teamplay, overall skill level, and mental and physical states. Don’t bet without evaluating the opponents. Research the statistics of previous results, keep an eye on transfers and other changes of teams that may affect their performance.