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Hello everybody! We know how hard it is to keep up with the evolving eSports betting industry. That’s why our goal is to make online betting easy and convenient. Our team reviews all eSports betting sites so that each of you can reliably bet on your favourites.

Choose a bookmaker from the rating and go to success! Don’t forget to read the reviews and rate the odds on the match. Everything is possible!

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Turn eSports Betting into an Art with Us

If you are reading this, then you are probably a fan of online games and betting on eSports. Our team works exactly for such an audience. Our main task is to highlight the nuances of eSports betting so that you can find an answer to any of your questions. Moreover, we regularly monitor the betting market and personally test each platform:

  • explore a selection of eSports titles offered by the bookie;
  • evaluate the reliability and compliance with the requirements for the protection of personal data;
  • check financial gateways of eSports betting sites and the time required to process deposit/withdrawal transactions;
  • compare the available number of betting line types, the variability of bets, live streams, support, and so on.

Another important goal is to make betting not only understandable and simple for any of our readers but also profitable. Scroll below to learn more about our area of activity.

Comparison of the Best eSports Betting Sites

The eSport betting industry is growing rapidly, and you can see how new bookmakers appear almost every month. If you are a beginner, then it will most likely be difficult for you to keep track of all new bookies and, even more so, to analyze their pros and cons in detail. However, do not worry, as we take on this task and regularly test the best eSports betting sites, group them according to various criteria, compare their functionality, and much more.

Research of Profitable Bonus Offers

Among other things, punters highly evaluate betting sites that come with various bonuses. Promos are a great way to diversify your betting experience, take advantage of a free bet or even get extra money to your balance. In fact, it is a powerful marketing tool that attracts new users to the site and encourages regular customers to keep betting.

As mentioned above, within the severe eSports and betting conditions of the market, it is extremely important for the survival of the bookies. Therefore, the analysis of various bonuses and selecting the most profitable among them is one of our primary tasks.

Tips for Betting on Gaming Disciplines

In addition to the direct analysis of bookmakers, we pay great attention to the development of algorithms and guides that help our customers to improve their expertise in betting issues and get the most out of each bet. As part of this eSports betting guide, we point out the need to develop and follow a certain strategy, the importance of exploring odds, assessing the market, and more. More detailed information is described towards the end, where we reveal key points and share our experience. Please note that the eSports betting industry is extremely volatile and changes frequently. We always try to keep track of new trends and eSports bets to adjust our guides so that you always get the most relevant and useful information.

What You Need to Know About eSports and Online Betting

Currently, eSports is perceived as a billion-dollar industry, a kind of mix of a wide range of pro players, sponsors, a huge amount of advertising, modern technologies, and so on. However, not everyone knows that everything started from simple arcades: “Asteroids” and “Invaders”.

Thanks to them, the eSports betting industry had expanded to such an extent that it surpassed Hollywood films and pop music revenues. With the development of the Internet, gamers were able to interact, communicate, play and team up while being even on different continents. At the moment, about 10 million viewers around the world follow various gaming tournaments. At the same time, prize money began to grow as well. And accordingly, the number of fans who have chosen online eSports betting has increased.

So, for example, one of the record prize pools was $18.9 million, which was played in the Dota 2 International finals. For now, eSports is a booming industry with dozens of games, millions of dollars of prize pools, and huge opportunities for both fans and gamers.

Legitimacy and Tremendous Growth

Currently, eSports online betting is a multi-million dollar industry with a large audience. Although it is not yet as big as traditional sports, it is only a matter of time. These factors led to the situation when bookmakers began to actively implement games to the lines. This also affected the legality of this industry.

Currently, most countries regulate this area at the legislative level so that fans have nothing to worry about. By the way, among the countries in which eSports betting is most developed are Canada, South Korea, China, the USA, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.

Unavailability in Some Countries

Despite the widespread use and popularity of eSports betting, there are a number of countries where you cannot bet on your favorite team on a legal basis. These include Brunei, Cambodia, Singapore, Cyprus, Qatar, and some others. This can be related to the conservatism of these countries, their cultural and traditional features, and so on.

The Future of eSports and Online Gaming

There is no doubt that people will continue to bet on eSports, and the industry will develop and expand in the future. Not only the number of betting platforms will increase, but also the range of available games. This, in turn, will give rise to many tournaments and championships, expanding markets, odds, and more.

The Most Famous eSports Disciplines to Bet On

Currently, the list of eSports games is constantly expanding, and new titles are being added to it. However, this is hardly noticeable since the majority of the audience is most interested in 4-5 favorite titles. They include CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Fortnite, and Overwatch. It is within the framework of these eSports disciplines that the biggest tournaments are held that make dozens of top players in the world fight for millions of dollars and recognition.

How to Bet on eSports — From Wish to Win

Below, you can check the simple steps you should take in order to place an eSports bet.

  1. Select a reliable bookmaker. You must pick those platforms which have a relevant license and stick to all betting norms and regulations. Always check the feedback on the particular platform that supports eSports bets on independent review services.
  2. Become a member of a betting platform. Pass through the registration process and verify your email address to become a full member.
  3. Top up the balance. Now, you must proceed to the cashier’s section, choose a suitable payment method, and replenish your balance with the minimum required deposit (unless you are going to use the free bet option).

Now you can proceed to the cyber sports section and start betting. Suppose you want to place an eSports bet on Dota 2. First, you want to pick this game from the list of offered disciplines and use filters to select a particular championship or a certain match. Now, you should check the markets, compare the odds and specify the amount you want to place. After that, simply confirm your action and wait until the end of the match.

Various Forms of Online eSports Betting

One of the best things about eSports betting is that it supports a wide range of bet types and not only traditional ones. Along with betting on real money, you can choose skins and item options or try your luck on fantasy eSports. More on this topic you can check below.

Traditional Match Betting

Here, everything is simple: there are two teams (or two separate opponents) that will compete in a match (a potential winner and an underdog). You check eSports betting offers and choose the team that you think will win. If your bet on the potential winner turned out to be successful, you get less money than if your bet on the underdog played.

Esports Bets with Skins and Items

A skin is a special add-on that allows you to change the appearance of weapons, ammunition, clothes, etc., without affecting their effectiveness. Skins, as well as items, have become an object of interest for players who use them for trading, buying, and betting. Bookies evaluate the skin that you want to use and subsequently give a reward according to the odds equal to the amount of the winnings. Some bookies that support eSports bets even convert skins into money.

Fantasy eSports — Great Solution for Some Countries

In this case, there is a manager who invites players to participate in his team. Depending on the performance of the players, they can cost more or less. The main goal, in this case, is to take a top place compared to other managers.

If we are talking about fantasy eSports, then there is no need for you to recruit players since you already have a team that consists of professional players. The better the team performs, the more points and money you can get.

This type of betting is usually not forbidden even in countries where traditional betting is not legally possible. Therefore, many customers look for sites with such offers to feel a bit of gambling.

What Types of Bets on eSports are Offered by Bookmakers?

You can take advantage of a rather standard set of eSports bets available from most bookmakers, as well as specific outcomes which can diversify your experience.

The following eSports betting types are more complex and require you to be a skillful and experienced bettor to win.

Exact score Here, punters predict the specific score that will be by the end of the match.
Player’s performance Here you bet on specific indicators of the gamer’s performance, for example, kills from a specific opponent, objective time, and so on.
Prop bets In this case, you are offered to bet on some event that may or may not occur within the match.
First map Here you bet on a team that wins the first map within the match.
First kill Within this eSports betting type, you select a player who will make the first kill within the match.
Odd/Even Punters bet on odd or even numbers of killed players, won matches, and so on.
Over/Under It allows you to predict whether a team or player can score more or less depending on the amount set by the bookmaker.

Separately it is worth mentioning options for professionals who bet on eSports.

Handicap Here, you bet with a handicap. As a result, the favorite is set under worse conditions that give you better odds.
Accumulator Here, you predict the outcome of not one but several events at once, combining them.
Doubles/Triples Unlike the previous variant, these bets have only two or three legs, respectively.
System Within this eSports betting type, you can get a win even if not all of your predictions within the bet come true.
Conditionals Similar to the accumulator bet, but requires an additional condition.

As a rule, bookmakers analyze the market and combine different types of bets to provide you with the best environment for betting.

Esports Betting Odds: Kinds and Calculation Formula

Within eSports betting, odds are a convenient way to represent the probability of a certain outcome of an event and an opportunity for punters to calculate their winnings. Suppose you bet on an event that has odds of 3.50. You need to make the following calculation to get the probability of the particular outcome: 1÷3.5=0.28 (28%).

Often you see the difference between the odds for the same match at different bookmakers. This is primarily related to fees and commissions, which are based on the costs, debt load, and revenue goals of platforms that allow you to bet on eSports.

Popular Payment Methods for eSports Betting

Currently, you can experience various payment methods available at betting sites, including the following:

Separately it is worth noting cryptocurrency payments and PayPal. In the first case, you can use multiple digital money (Bitcoin, Tether, Litecoin, etc.) to enjoy eSports betting. This method provides you with a top security level, anonymity, and huge transaction limits. PayPal also offers top end-to-end encryptions and comes with SSL protocol technology. All deposit transactions are processed immediately, while for withdrawals, you must undergo the verification process only once. After that, you can cash out winnings immediately as well.

The Best Approach to Choosing a Site for eSports Bets

If you want to get the best betting experience, you can follow our five simple rules listed below.

Always check the bookmaker reviews on independent sites and learn the experience of other users. Also, you should not neglect the investigation of the legal info about the service.

Reliable eSports betting platform always comes with a relevant license and regularly undergoes various certifications by independent laboratories. It guarantees that your personal data, as well as financial information, will not be leaked and misused. To get this info, you can proceed to the bookie’s T&C section, check the footer of the site, or simply contact the customer support service and figure out all details.

The variety of available game options and lines is one of the main features that attract bettors to become a member of one or another eSports betting platform. In fact, this is a great sign of the reliability of the site and the quality of services it provides. Modern top bookmakers offer at least a dozen different games, among which you can see CS:GO, Valorant, League of Legends, Rocket League, Dota, FIFA, NBA, Rainbow Six, Halo, and many others.

When choosing an eSports betting platform, also pay attention to the available tournaments and championships. The top bookmaker always gives you the opportunity to bet not only on a world event but also to predict the outcome of regional matches.

Currently, bookies with eSports betting offer a wide range of standard and special bets to diversify your experience and stay competitive. It is also one of the indirect signs that the current platform offers top-notch service.

In order to clarify the issue of available outcomes, you do not need to register with a bookmaker. Simply go to the official website and proceed to the section with the eSports options. Then select the game you are going to bet on and use filters to select the specific tournament or match. Next, evaluate the available outcomes listed in the grid of eSports betting. In order to get more detailed information about markets, you should go to the bookie’s “Terms and Conditions” or FAQ sections. You can also find out more information by contacting the customer support service and if you visit thematic resources online where users share their experiences.

The issue of payment methods worries any punter who is going to play for real money and also the eSports betting bookmaker that is interested in keeping the audience satisfied. No one wants to experience delays in making a deposit or waiting for a long time until their winnings will be cashed out to a card or e-wallet. Therefore, you should always check the available financial getaways in the cashier’s section.

Often the ability to proceed there requires registration on the betting platform, so you need to take this into account. As soon as you have moved to the cashier’s section, you must evaluate the available range of options as well as the minimum limits for deposits and the maximum limits for withdrawals. An important factor is transaction fees which can spoil your experience. Top modern platforms provide you with various payment methods that support both digital and fiat money.

All eSports betting lovers prefer to choose bookies that come with a wide range of bonuses that can expand their betting abilities and boost chances for winnings. Knowing this, bookmakers use them as a marketing tool and offer newcomers lucrative welcome offers, various free bets, etc. As for regular clients, trusted websites also provide them with regular promos to keep them engaged.

So, while selecting a platform for eSports betting, you must check the range of bonuses and their conditions. In fact, bonus T&C is the same critical thing to consider. Often, lucrative promos may come with too difficult conditions to meet. In this regard, you must always check the wagering requirements, the expiration date of the promo, and the limits (maximum bet amount you can use, the upper limit for the sum you can get, etc.).

And Finally: Useful eSports Betting Tips from Our Experts

As you can see, eSports betting can be really satisfying as well as something that can spoil your experience: it all depends on the quality of the bookmaker you pick, your skills, and your understanding of how eSports betting works. To sum up, you can check the list of the most important tips you can stick to get the most out of every bet you place.

Analyze Every Match and Opponents

Always be aware of the events and analyze information from open sources regarding the tournaments, specific teams, matches, and so on. So do not neglect to use data on analytical resources and statistics provided by eSports bookmakers themselves.

Stick to the Right Strategy

No matter how experienced you are, try to develop your own strategy and stick to it. It can help you keep track of your results and improve them in the future. This also includes bankroll management that allows you to enjoy eSports betting without harming your own wallet.

Share the Risks and Research the Odds

You should understand that even high odds are not a guarantee of winning, as eSport games can be quite unpredictable, and human factors can play a role. At the same time, always consider eSports betting odds as one of the main indicators that characterize the favorite and the underdog.

Choose Only a Reliable Providers

Of course, you should pick only legally operated eSports betting sites that have licenses issued by reputable regulators. All information about licenses, certifications, and owners must be provided on the official website of the platform (in the footer, T&C section, etc.).

Esports and Betting: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common gaming discipline among bookmakers?

Speaking about modern bookies, CS:GO, Dota 2, and LoL are probably the most popular disciplines. They always come with the biggest number of professional tournaments and matches you can bet on.

Is it easy to bet on eSports?

It all depends on your betting skills and final goal: if you know well the team you are going to bet on and the discipline, in general, then eSports betting can be smooth and simple. Also, it depends on the type of bet and outcome you select.

Is it possible to bet on eSports via mobile?

Yes, all modern eSports betting sites support this option. Currently, you can bet on the go using a mobile version of the site or a dedicated application.

How old do I have to be for betting on eSports matches?

You must be of legal age to take part in betting (18 years old). This is the rule all legal bookmakers stick to.

Should I be wary of match-fixing?

If you choose matches in which well-known teams play, there is no need to be afraid of it. Esports has long ago reached a level where losing a match is not practiced, because the prize pool and the further team rating is of great importance.

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