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Payment Methods Available at eSports Bookmakers

Modern bookmakers are actively expanding the range of payment methods offered, realizing how important this component is for players. For many eSports betting fans, the quantity and quality of payment options becomes a decisive criterion when choosing a platform. Reliable sites provide their clients only proven and secure services, ensuring the confidentiality and security of each transaction.

Financial Options of Popular eSports Bookmakers

Let’s consider the main categories of payment methods offered by the leading eSports betting sites, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as the peculiarities of use.


Electronic wallets allow users to store funds in digital format and conduct transactions online. They can be used to both deposit and withdraw winnings. They have become popular among eSports bettors due to their fast transaction processing times and relatively low fees.

One of the most famous wallets in the world is PayPal. The method is characterized by a high degree of security and ease of use. However, not all platforms can offer it. Skrill and Neteller are also widespread among bookies.

Bank Transfer and Credit Cards

Bank cards and wire transfers are the classic and traditional way to deposit. Despite some slowness, they remain in demand because of their reliability. This method is used by almost every betting site. However, commissions may be charged and withdrawal delays may occur.


The growing popularity of such cryptocurrencies have now become very popularized, making them an indispensable option for eSports betting online. This is especially developed in regions with limited access to traditional banking transactions. like Bitcoin or Tether are the most popular cryptos used on platforms. These are digital or virtual currencies that use cryptography to provide security. They offer anonymity and independence from banking systems. In 2024, this is likely to be one of the most popular options for deposits.

Local Payment Systems

Depending on the country, players may prefer national payment systems optimized for local peculiarities. This is especially true in countries where international payment systems are less available or less popular. Therefore, betting services for certain countries may offer local payment systems or those that are most used in a particular region. Let’s consider some examples.




India and Philippines

How to Choose the Best Bookie Based on Payment Methods

Safe Methods Choose a bookmaker that offers world-renowned payment systems such as Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Skrill, etc. This guarantees the protection of your financial data and transaction security.
Number of Options The wide range of options in payments is a testament to the platform’s flexibility and its commitment to meeting the needs of every client.
Fee The best eSports bookmakers usually do not charge a fee for deposit or withdrawal. However, some payment systems may impose their own fees. Clarify this information before making a transaction.
Withdrawal Time The time it takes to withdraw winnings can vary depending on the selected method. E-wallets typically offer the fastest transactions, while bank transfers can take several days.
Limits Bookmakers set minimum and maximum limits on deposits and withdrawals. This can be especially important for those who place high stakes or who wish to withdraw significant amounts at one time rather than split payments. This is especially important when there are fees.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Winnings?

This process is usually similar for everyone, so we have made a universal instruction on how and what to do. You can get more details from the bookmaker’s customer support, or you can read this point in our reviews.

To make a deposit:

  1. Log in to your account on the bookmaker’s website.
  2. Find the “Cashier”, “Deposit” or “Fund your account” section.
  3. Select the desired payment method from those offered.
  4. Enter the required amount and, if required, other payment details.
  5. Confirm the operation and follow the instructions.

To withdraw your winnings, do the following:

  1. In the “Cashier” or “Account” section, find the “Withdraw funds” option.
  2. Select the desired withdrawal method. Usually bookmakers prefer to make a withdrawal using the same method as the deposit was made.
  3. Enter the required amount for withdrawal.
  4. Confirm the operation and wait for the funds to be credited.

Account Verification

To withdraw funds, reliable eSports betting platforms require account verification. This is a procedure to confirm the player’s identity. Verification is needed for:

Verification usually requires copies of identity documents (passport, driver’s license) and possibly proof of address (utility bill, bank statement).