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Free Fire Betting — Try yourself at Free Fire Bets!

Free Fire is a popular Battle Royale game that has gained a large fan base since its launch in 2019. According to statistics, there are regions in which Free Fire betting has significantly surpassed such top titles as Fortnite or PUBG Mobile. That became the main reason for the release of the game on a major eSports scene and the development of various tournaments.

Naturally, it led to the creation of specific Free Fire bets that punters used to predict the outcome of major events and matches of the game. And now you can find out everything you need about top Free Fire teams, existing markets, and much more.

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The Basics of Free Fire Betting

The current game is a perfect option for any punter due to the abundance of different types of bets. Among them, you can choose both more general ones in which you have better chances to win and more specific ones that will suit more experienced bettors. The second important reason is the rich set of Free Fire eSports matches within tournaments and championships. Scroll below to learn more about the basic principles of the game as well as its eSports component.

How Does the Free Fire Match Go?

In general, you can find a lot of similarities between this game and Apex Legends or Fortnite. Over the course of the game, participants enter a chosen map (which slowly gets smaller) and compete to be the last survivor. If you bet on Free Fire, you should remember that each of the players (50 in total) is limited in time and resources.

Due to the fact that this is a mobile game, it is more accessible for most players and is perfectly optimized to launch from most devices. However, all eSports players who want to achieve the best results prefer to use smartphones with maximum performance.

Garena Free Fire in eSports

Free Fire matches are held between professional players as part of regularly organized events. Interestingly, most of them are held under the patronage of Garena and broadcast by most online bookmakers. Despite the large fan base, the popularity of Free Fire eSports tournaments is still growing. It also impacts the increasing variety of Free Fire bet types you can use.

Variety of Markets in Free Fire Betting Sites

Currently, most online bookmakers offer you to predict outcomes of Free Fire matches and use not only standard but also specific bet types. Check the table to learn more.

Match winner Here you bet on a winner of a particular game or a series of games.
Outright winner Here you bet on the team that can potentially win the entire event.
Proposition bets Here you bet on specific conditions that may appear during the match (for example, Free Fire betting on the first blood, the certain way of winning, most kills, and so on).
Totals Here you bet whether a certain team scores over or under in a particular match.

If you are a newcomer to Free Fire betting, it is better to choose simple bet types, for example, totals or match winners. Proposition bets are definitely the choice of more experienced bettors who know teams, game specifics, and how to turn this knowledge into real money winnings.

Major Free Fire Tournaments for Betting

There are three major tournaments within which you can bet on Free Fire.

Since the popularity of the game is growing, there is a high probability that we will face more Free Fire odds and tournaments in the near future.

Top Free Fire Teams: Who to Bet On?

Currently, you can experience about 17 professional teams who play Free Fire. As a rule, teams are added to the top list based on their performance over the last 6 months. Types of events in which they participated, statuses, difficulty levels, and so on are also included.

  1. Phoenix Force;
  2. Burst the Sky;
  3. Silence;
  4. HQ Esports;
  5. LOUD;
  6. Fluxo.

If you decide to enjoy betting on Free Fire, you should constantly monitor the leaderboard since it is a dynamic and competitive game when today’s leader may fall behind already tomorrow.

Free Fire Betting Tips & Strategies

Below, you can check the list of the most effective tips that can boost your chances of winning.

If you have not decided on a particular strategy yet, then always look for opportunities to maximize your profits. For example, sometimes Free Fire betting can be limited. In this case, you should use it in combination with other games to increase your profit.

Free Fire Betting: Frequently Asked Questions

In which regions are Free Fire bets most common?

Currently, South-East Asia and Latin America are the top 2 regions where Free Fire bets are the most common.

How to bet on Free Fire eSports?

Betting on Free Fire is similar to other games: register on a reputable eSports bookmaker with this betting line, top up the balance, select a particular Free Fire match, explore the odds, select the market, and place the bet.

Do bookmakers have enough outcomes for Free Fire matches?

Yes, if you pick a famous eSports bookmaker, you can select from a wide range of standard and exotic types of bets.

Where to watch Free Fire streams?

Most Free Fire betting sites offer a live stream option, so you can watch the game and bet on it from one place.