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Dota 2 Betting — Try Betting on the First eSports in the World

An eternity ago, in 2003, the world saw the first MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game. It was a mere modification to the Warcraft game, which was launched under the name of DotA (Defense of the Ancients). The game found massive success and fame in the gaming community. Everyone played it.

Seven years later, Valve put an end to DotA as a modification, releasing Dota 2. Valve knew that the game was destined for success and invested millions in it, while the major part of this budget was put into eSports. The game spawned tens of tournaments around itself, with The International being the biggest.

Under these circumstances, the development of Dota 2 betting was inevitable. Bookmakers are facilitating excellent conditions for bettors: the best odds, various betting markets, different competitions, etc. Get ready to learn about all these features and why you should try placing Dota 2 bets yourself.

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What is the Secret to the Popularity of Dota 2 Betting?

Do you know what the components of the best MOBA game are? Well, the main one is diversity. The game must have enough variety so that every next match could be different from the previous one. With 123 characters presented and a huge map with objectives, Dota 2 perfectly follows this principle. Each character has four or more abilities, and many of them can work in synergy with others. That means devising new playing strategies is an extremely creative process for eSports captains, while spectators might get vertigo when seeing all these combos on the screen. And don’t forget that each character can purchase six of 208 possible items, which adds up to variety.

dota 2 esports

All these factors predefined the popularity of Dota 2 eSports. As a result, the pro scene is seeing a huge number of tournaments, while some of them have record prize pools. To be more exact, we can outline five components that led Dota eSports to success.

Dozens of Matches Every Day

As it is stated, Dota 2 is never lacking competitive events. First of all, Valve conducts the biggest ones, like Majors and The International, and spreads them throughout the competitive season. However, S-tier tournaments are not present 365 days of the year. Still, there are tens of smaller events conducted by sponsors, and you can find them anytime and place Dota bets.

Biggest Tournament Prize Pools in eSports

The International is worth a separate mention. As soon as it was launched in 2011, it set a record of a $1,000,000 prize pool. With each next year, the tournament prize grows, beating its previous records. While $1,000,000 is always given solely by Valve, the rest of the prize pool is collected with a peculiar mechanic. With each International, Valve introduces The Compendium: an in-game item that rewards its buyers with skins, chests, and interactive tasks. The Compendium price is just $10, but everyone who buys it slightly contributes to The International prize pool. This trick has allowed Valve to create some of the most impressive prize pools in the eSports industry.

A Lot of Markets for Any Event

Everyone familiar with Dota 2 betting sites knows that the amount of betting markets for the game is quite impressive. This became possible due to the complexity of Dota. Thus, knowing how many possible outcomes game elements might have, creating many betting lines is not that tough. For you as a bettor, this means you can bet money on Dota 2 with a couple of handicaps to gain an even bigger profit.

High Odds for Live Betting

Dota events facilitate some of the best conditions for live betting. Every Dota 2 match starts with a picking phase, where the team captain chooses characters for his team to play. Live betting makes it possible for bettors to place wagers at any time of the game, which means that you can check out a couple of picks to decide who to bet on. Still, you must know that odds during live betting constantly change as the winning potential of teams shifts. But don’t be afraid; Dota 2 live betting odds are some of the most precise and profitable at the same time, as they are formed by professional analyst teams who take into consideration every minor detail during matches.

Competition Between the Best Teams of Professional Dota 2

Dota 2 is a game that has existed for an entire decade. During that time, the players have developed their skills to top-notch levels. For example, if you compare how players performed at the first and the last International, you will be shocked by the difference. Nowadays, each high-skilled Dota 2 team shows a cohesive performance that mesmerizes you. And now consider that there are two such teams per match: Dota 2 competitions give us amazing spectacles.

How to Bet on Dota 2 — The Perfect Guide to Success

Achieving success and winning most of your Dota 2 bets takes a lot of skill. Usually, bettors spend hours of their time and hundreds of dollars learning how to bet on Dota efficiently. But we want to spare you the trouble. So we will guide you through the most important elements of betting, which will help you develop a comprehensive approach and get better results from wagers.

Find the Right Match

First, you should select a match worth your time and money. Here, we are talking about the odds spread. For example, if the match features a sheerly strong and weak team, it would be hard to make a profit from it. Why? Well, the odds for the strong team will bring a very small profit, while the odds for the outsider will be high; however, it will probably lose.

What you should do before placing any Dota 2 bet is to look for a game with at least equal competitors or a slight offset in skill. Such matches always have good enough odds for you to bet on both teams.

Analyze the Teams’ Previous Matches and Check Their Changes

One of the most important steps before Dota betting is analyzing competing teams. To make the best prediction possible, you need to know the most relevant factors regarding teams:

  1. Mental and physical states of players. When a Dota player has a bad mood, or as it is called, a tilt, their performance will be worse. To understand players’ mental state, you need to know how many games a team played before the match and what their results were. Exhaustion is another mental factor that impacts performance levels. And, of course, don’t forget about physical illness, as even common flu can be a handicap to prevent a team from winning.
  2. Team roster. One of the first things to check before wagering is what are the teams’ rosters. There can be situations where the team has to immediately replace one of their players with stand-ins, which most likely will impact the performance adversely.
  3. Cohesiveness. To show the best results during Dota matches, team players must understand each other without talking much. Reaching that level of connection requires long pieces of training together. And that is another important factor to check.
  4. Strengths and weaknesses of both teams. Dota is a comprehensive game that can be played in different ways. Usually, teams play to their strengths, which creates their unique playing style. Therefore, to make an accurate prediction, you need to know the playing styles of both teams and understand which one is potentially stronger than the other.

If you are serious about Dota 2 online betting and plan to earn money off that, never be lazy to analyze the mentioned factors. You can’t even imagine how much money a good analysis can bring. Just like any other eSports in Dota there are favourites. Check out the top players to be sure of your prediction.

Avoid Dota 2 Odds that are Too High

Many new bettors fall into the trap of high odds. Seeing those crazy odd numbers on Dota 2 betting, they instantly picture enormous prizes they can win. Don’t be delusional like them. Too high odds are a sign of how weak one team is compared to another. Thus, if you decide to make a bet on those odds, your wager will lose in most cases and leave your hopes cold.

Choose a Dota 2 Betting Site that has Many Matches

And finally, don’t neglect the importance of choosing a bookmaker with many Dota eSports events. If Dota 2 betting sites offer a small number of matches to bet on, but you have already started betting on it, you’re in trouble. Of course, while the big tournament is on, you will experience no problems. But once major seasonal events end, you will simply have no Dota 2 match to bet on.

To know what kind of Dota 2 events are presented at the bookmaker, read info about that on the site or check users’ reviews.

Markets Available for Dota 2 Bets

To bring variety into the betting routine, Dota 2 bookmakers devise various betting markets. Luckily, the game has so many elements to it, that introducing even 10+ betting lines is not hard.

Dota 2 betting types serve as a way to give bettors more chances to win money. Thus, instead of making a single bet on a match and predicting its winner, you can also try to forecast a couple more things. Additionally, various types of bets have different complexity levels. So if you choose to wager on a harder betting market, you will be rewarded with higher odds.

The most popular Dota 2 betting markets you will find are:

This is the most straightforward bet: you are trying to predict which one of two teams will win a match. Be aware that a match often consists of a couple of maps (BO3, BO5, etc.), and to win a match, the team needs to win most of them. Match-winner bets suit new bettors perfectly, as they require the least analyst skills to be victorious.

Often, the teams fight in unfair conditions. Mainly, we talk about differences in skill. As we mentioned previously, the odds in such cases will be too high, but the chance of winning something when betting on them is ridiculously low. Betting sites solved that with a tool called handicap. Handicap bets are spreading the odds between teams by reducing the task’s difficulty for an outsider. Let’s look at an example: we have Team 1 (favorite) and Team 2 (outsider) facing each other in a BO3 match. With a handicap bet, Team 2 would need to win at least one game in the series, so your bet will be winning. While for Team 1, conditions for your bet to win are not changing. That way, handicap bets draw interest to the matches which are often skipped by skillful bettors.

If you consider yourself a Dota expert, you can test your powers with a bet on winners of tournaments/outright bets. When wagering on outright, you will face extremely high odds, as predicting a tournament winner is difficult. Still, there might be cases when you see a team that sheerly dominates Dota 2 eSports, and betting on outrights becomes easier. Don’t forget that many Dota 2 betting sites allow you to bet on outrights right till the final games of the tournament. But as it will be easier for you to define the winner, the odds will also go down.

During the Dota 2 match, players can choose various playstyles, which impacts their characters’ stats. Often, Dota 2 betting sites play around with those stats and offer bettors to predict them. For example, the carry is often a character on the team with the highest attack damage, as it is his main source of impact. Thus, bookies can allow you to predict whether his attack goes over or under a certain number.

ggbet dota 2 betting

Another type of bet on any Dota 2 betting site is predicting kills or the map score. Often, you can predict the kills of a specific player or the entire team. This bet is presented in an over/under manner, which means that the bookie gives you a number of kills, and you need to choose whether they will go over or under this number. When it comes to map scores, these bets can be found only at competitions with more than one map played: BO3, BO5, BO7. And with a map score bet, you can try to guess how many maps of the series will be taken by the team.

The Dota 2 map is full of objectives. Teams are fighting over them, as it defines their in-game position. Dota 2 betting sites allow you to predict how these objects will be finished. For example, there is a map boss: Roshan. Roshan is located in the middle of the map and is a contested boss with valuable drops. With additional outcomes, you can predict which team will beat Roshan first. Furthermore, you can even predict who will take the second Roshan, etc. Also, you might be given a chance to guess what is the total number of Roshan kills to be done on a map. Another popular gameplay element to predict is the first destroyed tower. It simply allows you to wager on which team takes down the first enemy’s tower.

Predicting additional outcomes is quite a rare opportunity to appear at the Dota 2 betting sites. You will commonly find it only at top-notch Dota bookmakers. Still, there is an easy decision if you’re after these bet types: check out GG.Bet. The bookie offers a wide betting line for Dota 2 tournaments and sprinkles them with outstanding odds. This results in amazing profit capabilities and betting diversity.

Best Betting Sites for Dota 2 — How to Choose and What to Consider

The most important decision in Dota betting is choosing the correct bookmaker. At the moment, you can find countless bookies with different betting conditions, but only tens of them are really worth your attention. A proper Dota bookmaker will be your good companion who will facilitate your winnings and help you to increase your profit.

To find a good Dota betting website, bettors spend lots of their time and effort: you shouldn’t do it. With the following step-by-step guide, you will quickly analyze bookies and understand whether they are worth your time:

There are many things to look at in the eSports betting section. First, consider the amount of presented matches and events. As mentioned previously, if there is a poor choice of competition at the bookmaker, you will find yourself in a situation where you have no matches to bet on. Next, move to the presence of betting markets. Make sure that platforms have the maximum possible amount of bet types for you to choose from. It will make betting more diverse, engaging, and profitable for you. And finally, don’t forget about the odds. Examine each set of them and compare them to the odds given at other eSports betting sites.

Spectating a match you bet on is essential. To make this easier, bookies introduce a live stream window on their website near a corresponding match. So, when you are choosing a decent bookie, make sure that live streaming is present, as it will definitely make your life easier.

Any good modern bookmaker has bonuses and promotions for their clients. For a bookie, it is a way to attract new customers. While for you, it is an opportunity to get some betting funds for nothing. Available bonuses can be found in the corresponding section of the website. If you don’t know what to look for, make sure that the betting platform has at least a welcome bonus. It is a bonus mechanism specified for newcomers to give them a betting head start. If be clearer, the welcome bonus can be activated by depositing the required amount, but just until you’ve made your couple of first deposits (usually up to five).

Even though the best Dota 2 betting sites will hardly cause you any trouble, anything can happen. Often, it is not someone’s fault — occasional bugs and glitches happen. What good bookies do in that case is give quick and resultative help. Before cashing in on a betting website, try to communicate with support on your own. Just ask a manager a couple of questions; you can even come up with a fake problem to see how the support team deals with it. You never want to be in a situation where you have an urgent problem, but support is not responding to you or is unable to fix it.

Reading reviews is a good way to acquire some extra knowledge about where to bet on Dota 2. Reviews can be written by ordinary bettors like you or special analyst teams. The first ones are better to understand a raw betting experience on the platform. Usually, bettors that leave reviews spend lots of time playing on the website and have some insider information to share. In contrast, reviews uploaded by analysts will examine each important element of the bookmaker and analyze them superficially. For example, such reviews tell you about payment methods, how good the odds are, the Dota 2 tournament schedule, etc.

If you are not sure that you can find a reliable Dota betting site, check out the table in the top. Here, we’ve gathered some of the best Dota bookmakers whose conditions will help you to score more successful wagers.

Dota 2 Tournaments Worth to Bet On

The competitive world of Dota 2 has plenty of events of various scales. But which of them is worth a bettor’s attention? An answer to that question lies in a DPC abbreviation.

DPC (Dota Pro Circuit) is a list of events conducted by Valve. These events spread out through the entire eSports season and are played annually. Their purpose is to create a leaderboard of the best Dota 2 teams so they will be invited to The International later. Still, all the competitions from DPC have impressive rewards and attract many bookmakers’ attention. Thus, they are treated uniquely:

All these factors make Valve conduct seasonal events worth your time and money. But never forget who is the king of all Dota 2 competitions.

Bet on The International at GG.Bet

ggbet international

Every experienced Dota 2 bettor is looking forward to the International with anticipation and excitement. During this event, the top Dota 2 teams like OG, Fnatic, or Liquid will come together to test their limits and try to win literally millions of dollars. While most Dota 2 betting sites try to chase profit during The International, some platforms turn it into a real celebration for bettors.

GG.Bet introduces some of the best and most specific promotions for The International. It is an amazing chance for any bettor to place a few bets and enjoy spectating intense battles.

Dota 2 Betting Tips

Getting good at betting on Dota is not that easy. Mediocre bettors spend lots of money figuring out how to bet the most efficiently. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it. Here are three major Dota 2 betting tips to help you win more and increase your wagering profit.

🔸 Make Your Own Dota 2 Betting Predictions

In the world of eSports betting on Dota 2, it is popular to follow someone’s wagering predictions, and it is one of the major newbie mistakes. The thing is, many new bettors are not aware that these predictions are not always reliable, as they are made for profit. Thus, they can be a part of the agreement between players and bookmakers.

What you should do instead is make your own predictions. It will help you grow as a bettor, and your understanding of the game and the circumstances that influence your chances of winning will strengthen. Just make sure that you do enough analysis and move smart, and you should be fine.

🔸 Keep an Eye on Your Bankroll

Another tip that is more general than specified to Dota but still works great is managing your bankroll. And there is no better way to do it than having a strategic approach.

You need to define the exact number of funds you can spend on Dota 2 betting sites. To do that, consider your monthly income and, ideally, know your average betting profit. And also, don’t forget the upcoming major events, which usually take most of your budget.

When wagering on Dota, remember how much money is left in your bankroll, and you will always have an available betting budget.

🔸 Take Note of All Points on the Playground

Finally, don’t forget what are the most important elements that influence the game’s outcome:

Hero choices Keep in mind what are the most used heroes of the team you are betting on. Check out the state of the in-game meta and how well these heroes can perform at the moment. Also, you can appeal to live bets and wager only once you see if the team you are wagering on has picked desired heroes.
Team state As was mentioned, analyzing the team roster and their mental/physical state is crucial. Don’t forget to do that, and your betting win rate will increase.
Strategies used Particular teams prefer using unique strategies to win. According to the game’s state, some strategies might be strong, or vice versa, at the moment. Keep that in mind when betting.

Even though it might seem like an impossible task for a starting bettor to go through all the points, it is easier than it seems. Just keep practicing, and you will not even notice how you are starting to make money off Dota 2 betting!