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PUBG Betting Sites — Stay in the Heart of the Battle Royale

At the moment, PUBG betting is not the most popular option in terms of the audience or the size of the bets. At the same time, its popularity is growing very quickly: now, literally, all the top bookmakers offer you to wager on a match on a regional or global scale.

The game was originally released in 2017. The main goal of the players is to remain the only survivor, so the game is considered the brainchild of the Battle Royale genre. In order to start betting on PUBG eSports, it is not enough just to join a trusted bookmaker, make the minimum required deposit, and predict the outcome of the match. If you are aiming for serious success, you need to study the game, and its meta, learn about the top players, about major tournaments, and more.

In addition, it is necessary to watch streams of various matches from both the world and the regional tournaments to get used to the pace of the game, find out how quickly the odds change, and so on. Our team thoroughly checked the most popular online bookmakers that allow you to bet on PUBG matches and select the most trusted ones, which you can see in the table below.

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What is PUBG eSports?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a typical action game with up to 100 players involved. They drop off the map and start searching for ammo, weapons, and everything they need to stay alive. During the game, the safe zone is slowly shrinking, pushing the players against each other. In the end, there is either one player or a team of up to 4 players left.

While betting on PUBG, you should also know about various mods. The first is “Solo” which corresponds to the last man standing. FPP is very similar to the previous option. The only difference here is that the eSports players are playing a first-person shooter (FPS) mode. The rules of PUBG allows to play “Duo”, where the last two players who are alive win. Likewise, there is “Duo FPP”, where gamers play in FPS mode. The last option is “Squad”. In this case, a team of two or more gamers is playing to the end.

Rules of Professional PUBG Matches

Each round can include several matches, so if a player loses at the very beginning of the match, it does not mean that he has ceased to play in the tournament. After the players have dropped off the map and found the necessary ammunition, the battle begins, where they earn points for each kill of their opponents.

Each team has its own style of play and tactics. According to the results of the match, there is an automatic calculation of points for the formation of the leaderboard. Modern PUBG betting sites usually provide this data, and bettors can always check it to understand the current situation. The top teams with the most points proceed to the next round, while the rest are eliminated until one player (or one team) is left.

Which PUBG Betting Sites Offer the Best Conditions?

As mentioned above, there are currently a large number of bookies that offer you a variety of PUBG online betting options. However, their statements do not always correspond to reality. Unfortunately, there are quite a lot fairly scam sites that, under the guise of legal bookmakers, steal money or personal information for malicious purposes.

With this in mind, we decided to save you time and independently analyzed the most popular platforms which offer bets on PUBG. See the top offers above.

How Do We Select Decent Bookmakers?

Our team consists of professional reviews who personally test each online bookmaker. As a result, you can count on the 100% relevance of the information you can use right away. Below, you can check the main features we evaluate in order to add the particular bookie to our list.

First of all, we evaluate the number of PUBG betting options. Our reviewers especially pay attention to the variety of professional matches and try to include only those platforms that offer both regional and world tournaments. It gives players more options and boosts their betting experience.

The number of different types of bets also affects the result of the rating. After all, the fewer outcomes the bookmaker has, the less choice the client has.

If you decide to bet on such a highly dynamic game as PUBG, you need to choose a site that offers a live stream. It is the second feature that is important when choosing the ideal betting platform. With this option, you can observe the current game and respond in time to any changes in one place. Plus, it is a great way to save money since you do not have to create an account on third-party streaming sites.

All PUBG bookies on our list are licensed and regularly tested by independent regulators. It is important because only legally operating platforms can provide you with the proper level of personal data security, protection from money theft, and so on. In addition, it is a guarantee of the relevance of the conditions of bonus programs, cashback options, etc. Also, only by using legal bookmakers you can file the complaint and be sure that your request will be taken into account.

Nobody wants to use a betting platform with awkward interfaces. Even if a bookie has tempting bonuses or a large list of available matches but a poor interface, you are unlikely to get the most out of betting. Therefore, we choose betting sites that have a convenient and understandable grid of events as well as an intuitive bet slip placement process that even a newcomer can master in a couple of minutes. As an additional feature, we pay attention to PUBG eSports betting sites, where you can switch between light and dark modes, which allows users to make bets at any time of the day.

While preparing our review, we checked bookies which support trusted and secured payment methods you can use to make deposits and withdraw winnings. The payout time is another important feature. We add bookmakers which support financial gateways ready to proceed with payments in the shortest time possible. Another option we take into account is the ability to use cryptocurrency as well as fiat money while topping up the balance or cashing out winnings from the PUBG betting website.

Of course, this list can be expanded depending on the particular needs of players (odd formats, betting line types, and so on). At the same time exactly, these five features play a key role in choosing a certain PUBG online bookmaker.

What Outcomes is it Possible to Bet On in PUBG?

PUBG is a game that is still considered one of the relatively new ones in the eSports market. Also, there are many controversies related to this game. Part of these disputes is related to the very principle of the game — Battle Royal. Many PUBG betting experts believe that this genre is not well suited to be used in eSports.

The main reason for the unpredictability of the gameplay and the high level of randomness that will affect the outcome of the game. At the same time, more and more bookmakers are adding PUBG to their arsenals and constantly expanding their betting options. We can distinguish the following most popular types of bets.


In this case, the bettor needs to choose an individual player or team that could potentially become the last survivor of the match. This is perhaps the simplest form of betting and is perfect for beginners without experience or a good understanding of the game process.

On the other hand, each match you can see on the PUBG betting site comes with over 100 players, which can make it difficult for you to choose. If you proceed to any of the platforms from our list that support PUBG betting, you can find, for example, the following data within Moneyline bets:

As you can see, PUBG bet makers assign odds to bettors, which are used to determine potential winners and underdogs. The lower the odds, the higher the team’s potential to win.

Depending on the odds, each bookmaker has a specific payout algorithm. For example, a $60 bet on a certain player or team can earn you $700 if your prediction is correct.

Outright Futures

If you pick this type of bet, you predict the overall winner. In addition, you can bet on the top finalists of a certain tournament and not on a specific match winner. Usually, such bets are difficult to predict, but good odds are set on them.

Props Bets

It is a slightly more advanced variant that is suitable for more experienced bettors. Here you make a prediction that this or that event may occur during the game. The number and type of such events may vary, but the following are the most popular:

Separately, it is worth noting another popular type of bet — Most Kills. As the name implies, here, the bet is placed on the player or team that will make the most kills at the end of the match.

Live Bets

While the previous options are available to players before the game even starts, live bets are only unlocked after the match has started. It means that the customers have time during the match to place a bet. As a rule, PUBG live betting is focused only on specific aspects of the game. Here you will hardly find, for example, the option when you bet on the winner of the match.

PUBG eSports Tournaments and Prize Pools

Below, you can check the major PUBG tournaments that you should pay attention to:

  1. Southeast Asian Games. This is a popular event focused on Asian teams, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and so on. Here you can find two main forms of competition: team and individual. Price pools, in this case, can be up to several hundred thousand dollars.
  2. PUBG Mobile World Invitational. It is another popular championship hosted by Tencent in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, last year. As a rule, this tournament takes place in several stages (Main Event and Afterparty Showdown), where teams compete for a prize pool of up to $3 million.
  3. PMGC Grand Finals. This tournament takes place every year and perhaps is the most significant event in the world of PUBG. It is also one of the long-lasting events (up to a month) and is distinguished by large prize pools of more than three million dollars. Here you can bet on all the top PUBG eSports teams like Nova Esports, Natus Vincere, Nigma Galaxy, and others.

Of course, this is a little part of all events where you can enjoy different PUBG bets. So if you are curious to learn more, you should proceed to one of the bookmakers we listed and explore the range of tournaments it offers.

So Why Do You Need to Try Yourself in PUBG Betting?

PUBG betting is an ideal option that can match both newcomers who can find a suitable option for themselves and sophisticated players who know all nuances of the game. Currently, the number of betting platforms that support this discipline is growing, and competition between them is generating more and more tempting bonus offers, competitive odds, and other benefits. If you check out our list of top bookies, you will definitely find the right option for you, which will bring you not only pleasant emotions from betting but also significant winnings.