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Hearthstone Betting: Top Bookmakers for Non-traditional eSports

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What Makes Hearthstone Betting Unique?

Each popular eSport in 2024 follows a similar pattern. Those are teamplay-based games with 5 players on each side. During the gameplay, competitors should be quick, precise, and a little bit strategic.

Hearthstone stands out among them. The game is all about strategic thinking and outsmarting your opponents. It requires absolute game knowledge from the players. Plus, they must be flexible to adapt to game situations. And frankly speaking, each Hearthstone match creates tens of new scenarios.

Due to these reasons, Hearthstone betting has taken a unique niche among bookies. It is a game that gathers fans of smart plays and thinking ahead.

Important Factors Which Can Affect the Outcome of a Bet

Hearthstone betting revolves around two game modes in 2024. The first one is a regular match. Within this mode, two players are fighting with their decks. The number of decks depends on the match format. Most often, those are BO5. So the first player to win 3 matches wins a series. And correspondingly, they must have at least 3 decks.

Any deck is created based on one of 11 classes:

  1. Death Knight;
  2. Demon Hunter;
  3. Druid;
  4. Hunter;
  5. Mage;
  6. Paladin;
  7. Priest;
  8. Rogue;
  9. Shaman;
  10. Warlock;
  11. Warrior.

Each has class cards with mechanics changing how a game is played. But also, there are general cards. All the decks are created from them combined.

As a match starts, players greet each other, decide to hold or replace their starting hands and start playing. The game begins with each player having 1 mana crystal. They can play only 1 mana-cost card that turns. But each following turn increases their mana pool up to 10. And players can pull out stronger cards at the late-game stages.

To win a regular game, a player must reduce his opponent’s health to zero. It is achieved by hitting the enemy character with spells, minions, class mechanics, and weapons.

The second popular Hearthstone eSports mode is Battle Grounds, played among 8 competitors. Players can’t pre-create decks for this mode. They must do it right during the match. Before each round, a player might take several creatures in his pool. And then he must distribute them on the field. Once the round begins, players face each other randomly.

What’s cool about that mode is that the player doesn’t control his creatures. They attack chaotically. However, players minimize this madness by putting their cards in the correct positions.

A player must build a strong minion synergy to win in the Battle Grounds. And then outlive the rest of the opponents.

To bet on Hearthstone successfully, you must know the intricacies of these game modes. You must understand what each card, class, and ability does. Without this knowledge, your wagers would be blind shots.

However, predicting a game’s outcome before launching the match is the most difficult. It is because Hearthstone is highly-dependant on randomness. And it offers so many potential outcomes that just a few unlucky occurrences can destroy all your pre-game calculations.

That’s why live Hearthstone betting has found the biggest success. As such bets are made in-play, you may see what cards players got and how their game plan goes. So predicting a match’s outcome becomes way easier. Correspondingly, it is more profitable.

Betting Markets for Hearthstone

When you bet on Hearthstone, you can choose between numerous markets. As the game is unique, its markets are too. But it also features several general ones. Here are some of them:

Match winner Use this market to predict who wins a match. This is applied to regular matches (with mediocre bets) and Battle Grounds (with profitable yet volatile odds)
Outright winner Know all the tournament competitors well? Then use outrights to bet on who wins it right away. This market is risky but has great odds.
Totals Try to predict a score (won rounds, minions killed, etc.) with totals. Bookie will give you a number; you must wager if the score goes over or under. In Hearthstone, totals have pretty good odds.
Matches to be won during the series If the match has a BO format, many Hearthstone betting sites will let you bet on how many games will be played. This market has great odds.
First to die For the Battle Grounds mode, Hearthstone bookies let you wager who’s the first to run out of health. As this is quite random, the odds are good.
First to run out of cards In the regular mode, you can bet on who’s the first to draw his full deck. The odds for this market depend on the deck archetypes played.
Winner of the round This is one of the Hearthstone live betting markets available in Battle Grounds mode. It lets you predict who’ll win a specific game round. This is relatively easy if you know the game, so the odds are not that high.
Loser of the round Opposingly to the previous market, this one lets you bet on who loses a specific Battle Grounds round. However, predicting a loser is a bit harder. So the odds would be naturally higher.

The Best Hearthstone Betting Sites 2024: Detailed Review

Selecting a good Hearthstone betting site determines how pleasurable and profitable your betting will be. When you choose a site, you must ensure it has several vital elements.

First of all, its odds should be high. Such an advantage is found only in eSports sportsbook. With the help of higher odds, you will get an extra percent of the profit from all your bets. It will make a hundred-dollar difference in the long run.

What’s also vital is a live stream option. Thanks to it, you won’t need to look for a separate site to watch the game. It helps, especially if you are a fan of live Hearthstone bets. You can watch the match and wager from the same page.

And finally, don’t forget about bonuses for major Hearthstone events. They will let you wager more as they pour free cash on you. Which will result in more wins, fun, and money.

We’ve compiled several Hearthstone betting sites that have all these features. Check them out.


Unikrn is one of those very few sites building an eSports betting empire. The site has 50+ games to bet on! And Hearthstone is one of them.

The bookie covers all the essential game events, starting from the annual Blizzcon and finishing with HSC (Hearthstone Summer Championship). You can bet on them, choosing among several pre-game and live markets. While outrights are available too.

To access these bets, open the site and go to the eSports Betting section. To the left side of the screen, there is a list of available eSports. You should find Hearthstone among it. But it would be easier to use a “Search” feature (Ctrl + F in Chrome), as there are too many games. Then click on the desired game, and you will be at the Hearthstone betting page!


GGBet, just like Unikrn, has an impressively extensive eSports section with Hearthstone in it. After spending 5 minutes on signing up, you can access the Hearthstone Masters Tour, Grandmasters Tour, Masters Summer Championship, and Masters Fall Championship.

All these events’ matches are full of Hearthstone betting markets, including 1×2, handicaps, over/under, live bets, and game-specific outcomes.

To get to the Hearthstone bets, open the GGBet site and select “Bets” at the top. Now look at the left side of the screen. There, you’ll find a list of sports where you should find and click Hearthstone. After, the middle of the screen will feature all the live and upcoming Hearthstone matches. Initially, you’ll see just a match-winner market, representing the outcome. To open the rest of the betting lines, click the line above competitors.


Finally, Rabona.com is another great Hearthstone betting site. Its bettors always have access to various matches, types of bets, and events. You are never bored using it.

You can open the betting line in the “Sportsbook” section. Then look at the left side and find an “eSports” tab. Expand it and find a Hearthstone. However, the game will be present only when there are upcoming or live games.

Then press the desired event, and you’ll see all the available matches on the screen’s middle. Proceed to the match, and you’ll find yourself on a page full of markets. Pick any and start betting right now. Everything brilliant is simple!