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Bitcoin eSports Betting and Other Cryptocurrencies in the Best Bookmakers

Have you noticed a change in the world’s money turnover? Crypto, and particularly Bitcoin, is rapidly taking over our economy. Almost any aspect of modern selling/buying is infused with it. And, of course, online betting is no exception. But what is in it for us, bettors, with using crypto? Why do more eSports fans prefer it over a fiat currency? Find answers to those critical eSports betting dilemmas in this brief clarifying article.

Best Sites with Crypto eSports Betting

Still don’t know any Bitcoin eSports betting sites? Not a surprise if you haven’t dealt with this new booming currency yet. And no, there is no need for you to rush into Google and stumble looking for the best crypto bookie. Our analysts have done all this dirty job for you. Choose among these best Bitcoin eSports betting sites; discover their benefits and features to find which one is for you.

So, here are the top sites for eSports betting with Bitcoin:

  • The king among eSports bookmakers
  • The widest betting options with additional outcomes
  • Daily bonuses and cashback on bets
  • Quick registration with anonymous play
  • Daily bonuses and exclusive rewards system
  • Various cryptocurrencies for payments without fees
  • 21 cryptocurrencies for deposits
  • Regular bonuses for eSports
  • Streams for live betting and high odds
  • Not a bad selection of eSports games
  • Match streams without registration
  • All modern cryptocurrencies are available here
N1 Bet
  • Licensed betting platform
  • Responsive customer support
  • A wide range of payment methods
  • Cryptocurrencies in payment methods
  • Good odds for live betting on major Dota 2 tournaments
  • Unique interface and great bonuses
  • A well-known eSports bookmaker
  • Unique bonus system
  • A wide range of bets for CS: GO and Dota 2
  • Well-known eSports bookmaker
  • Ability to bet with in-game items and skins
  • Various payment methods
EGB Review
  • Reliable service with an official license
  • The ability to bet on eSports in real time
  • Unique bonus program for all customers
  • Bets on popular gaming disciplines
  • Good choice of payment systems
  • Customer support is available via live chat
  • Competitive odds to maximize potential profits for bettors
  • One of the best selections of cryptocurrency options for payments
  • Free streams for real-time betting

Each of those polished betting platforms is specified for crypto betting. Besides all the crypto-wagering benefits (you’ll find them further in the text), they give you crypto-specific bonuses and promotions. Use them to multiply your deposits and get additional BTC for your bets. Obtaining them is easy: just meet a couple of requirements, and extra cash is yours.

What are Other Cryptocurrencies Available at Bookmakers?

Of course, Bitcoin is not the only coin accepted by crypto bookies. The realm of web3 technologies has plenty of cryptos to offer you. Every one of them is unique: it has its own properties. Here are some of the demanded ones among bettors.


Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency in the world. This platform was developed almost ten years ago, in 2015. Since then, the coin has undergone numerous changes and has been reinforced by innovations. Such maintenance from developers says one thing: Ethereum is not going anywhere. And the stable price of the coin is the main attestation to it. For you, it means that purchasing ETH and using it for betting is highly secure. You can expect no abrupt ETH exchange rate jumps and store it for as much as you wish.

If you’d like to go deeper into the Ethereum network, you will be pleased with its wide range of functions, like smart contracts and storing data for third-party applications.


Do you know what happens when a successful Google employee takes on creating its crypto? We receive one of the fastest-processing coins in the world: Litecoin. While Bitcoin takes ten minutes to create a block (in simple words, process your transaction), Litecoin does it four times faster! That way, crypto betting deprives you of long and tedious gaps before you can wager.

Additionally, Litecoin offers handy mining tools. So if you are willing to share some of your PC’s computing power with the Litecoin network, you will be rewarded with some spare coins for betting on eSports!

Bitcoin Cash

Scaling allows crypto to grow and improve its aspects. And scaling was the thing that Bitcoin miners found lacking. They’ve found a quick solution: develop their analog of Bitcoin. Thus, Bitcoin Cash has fixed the scaling issues of ordinary Bitcoin, giving it a much faster transaction speed and cheaper fees. Such an effect was achieved by utilizing Segregated Witness and other technological innovations.

Even though the price of Bitcoin Cash is lower than Bitcoin’s, its stability is standing the competition. Choose it if you are looking for a faster version of Bitcoin.

Comparison of eSports Bookmakers with Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Tether Tron
thunderpick black logo
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ggbet black logo
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rivalry black logo
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Instructions on Using Crypto for eSports Bets — Deposits and Withdrawals

One of the main problems why users avoid Bitcoin eSports betting is a vague understanding of how to use it. If you plan to figure that out alone, frustration might come. After all, who wants to get lost in all those boring crypto guides? Let’s handle that. We’ve prepared a comprehensive guide that takes you by hand and walks through each essential step of eSports betting with crypto:

  1. Decide which crypto you want to use. As you can already see, there are numerous top cryptos to discover. Each is unique and suits different needs. And that is the reason why you should choose it wisely. Take your time learning what bookie-accepted coins can offer you. Then, define the one offering the most important features to you and stick with it;
  2. Find a crypto exchange. Crypto exchanges are platforms functioning as crypto emporiums. You can sell and buy coins there. Again, each has different features; you must learn them to get the best deal. Look for the platforms with the least fees. But don’t be deceived by too sweet offers. Always double-check a platform for its legitimacy;
  3. Acquire a crypto wallet. To store crypto somewhere out of a bookmaker, we need a wallet. You can’t do it with your regular e-wallet or credit card. Do a little research: look for the wallets that accept your desired coin. Be aware that there are a few types of wallets: for betting, an online wallet is preferred. Further, register a crypto wallet. It is done by filling out blanks with your info and accepting it. As it is money-related, wallets will require you to verify registration with a personality-confirming document: it is standard practice;
  4. Make a purchase. Now we need to merge all the previously obtained knowledge. Go to the crypto exchange platform, and attempt a purchase. As you will buy coins for fiat currency, use any available method. Then, you will need to indicate your crypto wallet and confirm payment. Wait a short time, and you’ll see coins added to your wallet. Congratulations!

Now you can use crypto funds on the wallet for deposits into eSports betting with Bitcoin or other cryptos. The deposit is executed by choosing a desired currency on the cashier page, indicating your wallet, and confirming payment.

Benefits of eSports Betting with Bitcoin

So why do so many bettors prefer Bitcoin and crypto? There are a couple of reasons for that.

✅ Speed and extremely low fees. Crypto automatically processes transactions using blockchain technology. Why is it so fast? Crypto payments are reinforced with other users’ computing powers, as they are constantly shared. This gives a solid boost of speed and makes transactions cheaper.

✅ Security. While hacking an ordinary transaction, a criminal has to find a breach in its code and steal data. Such a method can’t be applied to the blockchain. As your transaction is built with a consecutive chain block, the hacker must hack each previous one to get to your data. And we are not even talking about the encryptions set for a single block: they are impenetrable.

✅ Future-proof. Only blind and deaf people couldn’t notice how crypto is gaining momentum. In 2024, it is an object for the most prominent investors. They put substantial money portions into it, seeing future profit capabilities. It tells us that crypto will only grow and occupy a bigger space in our lives and online betting. Hop on that trend while others miss it and get a couple of Bitcoins from betting.

Withdraw Winnings Quickly and Easily via Bitcoin and Other Crypto Methods

Esports betting with Bitcoin and other crypto is a choice for bettors seeking more comfortable betting conditions. Put a fiat currency to the rest and check out swift crypto payment. Wait no longer for your withdrawals to process and get them instantly without paying any extra fees. Anyone can do it: it takes just a few clicks!

Frequently Asked Questions on Bitcoin Online Betting

What does crypto betting mean?

Crypto betting is like ordinary wagering, but you use crypto coins instead of fiat currency (dollars, euros, etc.).

Which Bitcoin eSports betting sites are considered the best?

The best Bitcoin eSports betting sites have many available disciplines, matches, and bet types. Also, a good site has no fees for Bitcoin transactions and has instant payments. Look for such platforms in the list at the beginning of the article.

Is Bitcoin betting on eSports games available in all countries?

Yes, you can use Bitcoin for betting in every country where online betting is not prohibited.

Is it legal to gamble with crypto?

Yes, crypto is a legal currency to spend on bets. Many countries can’t even restrict you from using coins as they are decentralized.

What is the withdrawal fee for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is withdrawn from bookies with a minimal wager of up to one percent.