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Overwatch Betting — Be Confident in Your Bets!

Blizzard Entertainment has always been a trendsetter and a pioneer in game development. Many years ago, they put starting points to such iconic genres as MMORPG and RTS, but recently they’ve created another game category. In 2016, the gaming world welcomed Overwatch, a Blizzard game that fused first-person shooter and ability-based game (like MOBA) genres. The product found massive success among casual and eSports gamers, which has spawned countless competitive tournaments.

The introduction of Overwatch betting didn’t take long: as soon as the first professional events were announced, bookmakers quickly added them to their websites. Nowadays, Overwatch eSports remain some of the most popular sections on online betting websites, and soon, you will find out why.

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Three Reasons to Try Overwatch Betting Today

Overwatch betting is now among the top options on bookmaker platforms, and there is a reason why. As Overwatch events rapidly gain popularity, bookmakers introduce profitable promotions and facilitate the best wagering conditions for bettors. It means that betting on Overwatch is capable of bringing extra value. Besides that, there are three other strong reasons to wager on Overwatch.

Modern eSports with Great Potential

Overwatch is one of the most important games for Blizzard Entertainment. Recently, it got the biggest patch which has changed the game balance drastically and added a couple of new playable characters. That says just one thing — Overwatch will be on long support, meaning that we are about to see dozens of top-tier tournaments.

Good Odds on Overwatch Matches at Bookmakers

Some of the Overwatch betting sites do a great job analyzing players and their upcoming matches. Each event has to undergo this process, so bookmakers will have the most precise and profitable odds they can offer. As a result, bettors have the highest possible profit from the bets.

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A Lot of Events During the Year

Overwatch has entered 2023 on its rise: the amount of present eSports competitions is at its highest. So if you decide to bet on Overwatch, you will always have a live stream to watch and an event to get a profit off. But it is better to watch out for the biggest tournaments like Overwatch League, as they usually entail the highest betting potential.

Find the Perfect Bookmaker for Overwatch Bets

If you decide to find an online bookmaker for Overwatch bets on your own, you would need to inspect websites carefully. To help you with that, we’ve created a list of pinpoints to examine when choosing an Overwatch bookmaker.

Verifying the license is an essential step to protect yourself from fraud. To do that, go to the bottom of the website interface and look for the licensing info. You should find a unique code, which can be further checked at the license issuer’s website. Also, don’t forget to ensure that the bookmaker provides you with safe and encrypted payment tools.

Nowadays, the best bookmakers offer a variety of eSports promotions like deposit bonuses, free bets, cashback, and more. For platforms, it is a way to attract new clients. While for you, it is an opportunity to get some additional betting funds, which may result in more earnings.

Typically, Overwatch betting covers different tournaments and championships, both minor and international ones. If you want the best betting experience, make sure your betting site has the most events and competitions to offer.

When it comes to making transactions, you must have access to a large number of payment methods. It will facilitate convenience for you and make manipulating your betting funds as smooth as possible. Also, don’t forget to check out the transaction processing time and fees. Be aware that if you have to wait long before the deposit arrives, you might be late to make a desired bet.

GGBet — Your Choice for Overwatch League Betting

GGBet has become one of the leaders in providing top conditions for betting on major leagues and tournaments like OWL. The bookmaker uses analysis tools to create the most accurate and profitable odds for Overwatch League matches. When they create their odds, everything goes into consideration: previous team performances, the players’ state, in-game meta, chosen map, etc.

Additionally, GGBet has numerous bonuses to spice up gamblers’ experience in Overwatch betting. Visit the bookie when OWL, and you will be impressed by the number of promotions you can get.

On top of that, GG.Bet provides a wide betting line and some of the safest betting conditions on the market. On the website, you will find many available payment methods and strong anti-hacker protections.

Overwatch Events Where You Can Discover Your Betting Potential

Once you enter the world of Overwatch eSports betting, you will find out that there are plenty of tournaments conducted annually. But among all of them, there is just one anticipated event that every bettor is excited about: Overwatch League.

Overwatch League is a Blizzard-conducted eSports tournament that uses a city-based bracket system. In 2022, OWL featured twenty-two teams separated into two areas: East and West. Teams for the eastern region come from South Korea and China, while for the western originate from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

To get an invitation to the finals of the Overwatch League, competitors will have to show their skills during seasonal eSports events:

When the best performers are defined, they will get an invitation to perform in playoffs, trying to win a cup of the absolute Overwatch world champions.

OWL is conducted annually, and knowing that it is run by Blizzard, the tournament will not go anywhere in the coming years. While pro bettors make money on Overwatch betting during the event, competitors fight for the prize pool of $1,000,000. But this sum is not given to the absolute champion: it is distributed equally according to winning places.

Overwatch Betting Types

During Overwatch events, bookmakers introduce different types of bets. Such a variety helps bettors to diversify their Overwatch betting routines. Still, it is not the only advantage. For example, if the event/match has a couple of bet types, you can place a few wagers at once on it for more profit. Also, some bet types require more Overwatch betting skills, as they are harder to predict. But on the other hand, the riskier bet you place, the better the odds will be. Thus, you will earn more.

Overwatch bet types vary from website to website. That is another reason to choose a bookmaker more carefully or check the list of Overwatch betting sites at the beginning of the article. And don’t forget that the variety of bet types highly depends on the level of the event. Thus, world-class competitions like Overwatch League will have the highest number of betting outcomes.

Familiarize yourself with some of the most widespread Overwatch betting lines available:

  1. Match winner. When betting on the winner, you are trying to predict who will come out victorious from the match. It is quite an easy yet popular bet. So most of the Overwatch betting tips will mention it as the best option for beginners. Due to the lower risks, this bet type carries moderate winning possibilities; but if the teams’ strengths are unequal, the odds will be very different.
  2. Outright winner. If you consider yourself a good analyst of the Overwatch pro scene, you can try to guess who will be the winner of the whole event with the help of the outright winner bet. It is recommended to apply this bet only if you see a dominant team with a skill level above others. Or you can wait till all the introductory tournament games are played and place wagers based on performances. But keep in mind that you will probably bet with worse odds in such cases, as they are constantly changing.
  3. Total kills. You can also try to predict the number of kills done by the team or a player during the match. It would be a very tough bet to make if you had to name an exact number, so most sites for Overwatch betting make it a total/under bet. That means you will be given a certain number of kills for a player/team and choose whether the kills go over or an under it.
  4. Handicap. Often, opposing teams’ strengths during the match are far from each other. In such cases, the odds would be too much in one team’s favor. Overwatch betting platforms are trying to fix that with handicap bets. So, instead of betting on an underdog to win, which is unlikely, you wager on them overcoming a certain handicap. You can also add a handicap to any of your bets to increase the amount of potential winnings. Most often, these handicaps suggest winning at least one game in the series of BO3 or 2 in BO5.

There is also a unique bet category: live betting. Overwatch live betting means placing a wager after the competition has started. So, you can watch the game for a couple of minutes and decide whether to place a bet. But be aware that as the in-game situation changes, the odds for live bets are shifting too.

What is Overwatch eSports and How to Play It?

Overwatch eSports got extremely popular due to the action-packed, diverse gameplay. A combination of those factors makes spectating Overwatch pro matches exciting, especially if you’ve already made a bet. Still, you need to be familiar with game basics to watch the matches with interest and make the most out of Overwatch betting tips.

Game Modes and Maps

Overwatch has plenty of different game modes to offer. The most used ones in eSports are:

Escort During the escort, a team must capture a point with a payload and push it to its final destination. The push is done when at least one of the team members remains near the payload, but if the enemies are near it too, the payload won’t go anywhere. Each team gets a round to push the payload. But if they both have succeeded, they will have to go through additional rounds to push the payload to the max with the time they have left.
Assault In the assault mode, an attacking team tries to capture three points consecutively, while the defenders try to prevent it. Teams switch sides one time; if the winner is not defined, additional rounds with the rest of the time will come into play.
Control In the control scenario, the teams will have to fight over the control of the point. To get the point under your team’s control, you will need to stay on it for some time while there are no enemies nearby. In cases of contention, the winner is defined like in previous modes.

All those game modes take place on one of 22 maps. This makes Overwatch betting even more interesting, adding more variety and unexpected turns.

Overwatch Characters: Roles and Characteristics

The whole pool of Overwatch characters is divided into the roles:

Tanks Tanks are the biggest guys on the team, with a massive HP pool and defensive abilities. Tanking characters are the core of any strategy, as they facilitate protection for their team, which is vital for both assault and defense.
Damage dealers They are much squishier than tanks, but they can deal large portions of damage. Each team has three damage dealers, and they have to play safely yet utilize any opportunity to do some damage.
Healers These characters have an important and tough task: to keep their team alive. For that purpose, they have a set of healing or shielding abilities. Heals must carefully watch their teammate’s health and manage their abilities to keep everyone’s HP up.

Currently, there are 36 different Overwatch characters spread out through mentioned roles. Competitors create unique team combos with this pool and achieve victories through various strategies.

Is It Easy to Bet on Overwatch eSports?

Concluding, Overwatch betting is quite newcomer-friendly, as the game is easily perceived and understood by most users. Still, if you’ve learned everything in this article, it will be much easier for you to become a successful bettor, even without any additional tips. Just make sure to choose the best bookmaker!

The betting process is very simple: open the tab with the Overwatch match schedule, select the event from the list offered by the bookmaker (if the match has already started, there will be a mark Live), then decide on the outcome and the odds, and click on it. Your bet will be added to the slip and if you already have funds in your account, all you have to do is to click on the confirmation.