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Valorant Betting — A Booming FPS eSports for Your Betting

Do you want to bet on and spectate some of the most action-packed first-person shooter games of our time? Sure? The amount of mind-bending plays in this one is really extreme. If you are not afraid of catching vertigos, let us acquaint you with Valorant betting.

Valorant is an ability-based FPS game that became famous in the middle of 2020. Bettors and players loved it for its fuse of CS-like features and game-changing abilities. In addition to that, the game is highly skill-dependent. If you have some experience in bets on eSports, you should know where it’s going, huh? Such a flaming mix has made Valorant a hot eSport with tens of annual tournaments. Every self-respecting eSports bookmaker pays huge attention to the game and creates the best betting conditions. And now you will know how exactly betting on Valorant works.

How to Bet on Valorant for Real Money?

First, let’s break the bare basics of Valorant betting. Before attempting to make a bet, you must find a solid Valorant betting website. As there are so many bookies out there, it will take quite some time to select a perfect one. Want to speed that up? Just look for the option in the list above.

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N1 Bet
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Once you’ve found your bookie, it is time to sign up. There is nothing fancy here. Just fill out a few windows with your personal info: email, login, password, currency, etc. Finished the registration but can’t log in? That is because you haven’t confirmed your registration. Do it by opening and following a bookmaker letter in your email.

Now we must decide which event and match we will wager on. Click on the Valorant icon in the list of games and choose a desired competition. The next page will stun you with tons of new information. Let’s explain to you the most essential points.

Explanation of Valorant Betting Odds

Valorant betting sites use odds to represent the chances of winning and potential prizes. You can find different types of odds — American, decimal, and fractional. Let’s take fractional odds to explain how the system works.

You want to bet on one of the teams in the match with 2/1 odds. Your suggested bet amount is $10. In the case of the 2/1 fractional odds, your win will be $20, and you will get your initial stake back ($10). As a result, you will come out victorious with $30 in your pocket. Thus, the first number represents a multiplier for your stake.

The odd number during the Valrant bets is influenced by factors like competitor’s shape, in-game meta, team comparison, etc. It is a pretty tough and tedious calculating process: leave it for the analysts.

Available Types of Bets

What also should be considered is bet types. Yes, you heard it right. We’ve long passed the times when you could only bet on the match winner. Of course, this one didn’t go anywhere, but Valorant betting has many more to offer:

This is just a smaller part of the Valorant bets you can find. Such variety deprives you of betting boredom: you can always try something new and then keep altering bet types. Additionally, a multitude of bets is a chance for you to raise more money. How? You can make a couple of bets per game, which equals winning more!

Where to Bet on Valorant? Enjoy the Best Valorant Bookmakers

Each Valorant betting site is a unique piece of parameters and factors. Creating a Valorant bookmaker requires so much: security, odds, bets, bonuses, interface, support, etc. Even if you have endless effort and motivation, it is not a fact that you will find a perfect platform on the vast internet spaces. But veteran Valorant bettors do know that there are few outstanding wagering sites. Outstanding to the extent that they have soared above all other bookies, nailing every element vital for Valorant betting. Do you want to know them? Get ready to discover the best Valorant betting sites by choosing which you can never mistake.

GG.Bet — The Widest Line and the Best Live Mode

Every bettor who has sought Valorant eSports betting sites should’ve heard a GG.Bet name. This platform got famous for its large number of Valorant betting lines:

  1. Live and regular bets;
  2. Handicaps and match winners;
  3. Correct map score;
  4. Pistol round winners.

All of that can be found barely at any Valorant game. In addition, GG.Bet has a solid live mode which deprives you of the need to look for the Valorant match streams. Make a bet and spectate the game in a little window (scalable, of course) right above.

Betway eSports — Reliable Bookmaker with a 17-Year History

Betway platform has walked a long 17-year path in the world of betting. During that time, bookmaker developers have learned how to deliver the best wagering experience. But the one single thing Betway values most is your data safety. The platform has some of the best security measures of all. So when using it, you should never worry about personal safety. However, it is not all that Betway has to offer. The betting line, event availability, and odds on Valorant are at their best.

Thunderpick — Famous Valorant Betting Site with Cryptocurrency Support

Do you have some spare crypto coins? Use them to bet on Valorant with the help of Thunderpick. This platform has become the number-one choice among crypto bettors. Its main benefit is the variety of crypto it takes: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, XRP, and others. Additionally, Thunderpick has profitable bonuses and promotions activated with crypto deposits. But be aware that some are limited, so hurry up to take advantage of them.

Choosing Valorant Betting Sites is Based on the Following Factors

As we stated, you can also find the best Valorant betting sites through your own research. However, if you are new to it, it can take a while. As an inexperienced person, you will jump from one website to another, trying to chaotically assess the quality of each. What an agonizing occupation! But wait, there is a shortcut. What if we told you that there is a comprehensive template allowing you to inspect each important bookie aspect? And there actually is! We are glad to present three main points to consider when choosing a Valorant bookmaker.

Various Valorant Betting Options, Including Live

First, you must ensure that when betting on Valorant, you have access to many wagering options. Who wants to be left with just a silly match-winner market? So when choosing a bookie, go and check out how many of the betting lines are available. Also, don’t forget about the number of competitions. Ensure that the bookmaker features each major Varlorant event. However, minor events are essential too. After all, they are the ones to fill in the gaps when world-class events are unavailable.

And don’t forget a live betting option. It is an essential feature, as it unlocks additional betting possibilities. With it, you don’t necessarily have to make a pre-game bet. Observe the in-game situation and wager securely just after.

Excellent Security

Who wants to lose their money? Nobody! Even worse, who wants to lose their personal data when betting on Valorant? Nobody x2! And if you do, too, security is an important aspect that you should consider.

The security of the bookie defines how easy it is for internet criminals to steal your data/money. A staple way for criminals to do it is through payment vulnerabilities. To cover these weak spots, software engineers have devised encryption.

Before making any deposits into the Valorant betting site, ensure it has solid and reliable encryptions. Information about them can often be found on the FAQ page.

Profitable Odds and Low Margin

And finally, we should examine the parameter responsible for our potential profit: the odds! The odds can differ from bookie to bookie, so we need to compare. Take your desired platform, and compare its odds to the odds of other Valorant betting platforms. If your ones are more profitable, that is a platform to make money!

But don’t get deceived by the false margins. You must ensure that your platform’s odds are precisely representing the probable outcome too. Otherwise, the value of odds makes no sense, as they will bring you incorrect payouts!

What to Do and What Not to Do in Valorant Bets?

Many people are interested in “What is the secret of successful Valorant bets?” Ladies and gentlemen, the practice makes it perfect! However, if you don’t want to spend your precious time and money on resultless betting, there is one thing that can help you. It is Valorant betting tips; in other words: a ticket to quick victories.

Follow these easy steps and drastically increase the win rate of your Valorant bets:

What is Valorant: About eSports, Major Tournaments, and Top Teams

Valorant is a solid mix of action and strategic gameplay. So it is no secret why playing and betting on Valorant is on the rise.

Valorant eSports players take all the tools developers give and use them to their max. As a result, we can spectate stunning sequences of plays. And what is most important is that the game is heavily skill-reliant. Thus, the only factor that defines the victory is how well the players perform. The random element has minimal contribution to the outcome. It is actually what differentiates Valorant from its rival Overwatch, where random plays a significant role. By the way, betting on Overwatch is very similar, so if you know one game, it will be easier to master the other. This is especially true for live bets.

A considerable number of sponsors are organizing professional tournaments throughout the year. New Valorant teams are formed and promoted daily. Betting on Valorant keeps getting bigger, and there is no way to stop it. Hop on this train using the info we gave in this article and start earning profit now!

Frequently Asked Questions on Valorant Betting

In which countries is Valorant betting legal?

Valorant betting is legal in all the countries where betting on eSports is not prohibited.

Where to watch professional Valorant matches?

All the major Valorant events are broadcasted on their official twitch channels. You can also find them in the bookmakers’ live sections.

What are the best tournaments to bet on Valorant?

The biggest Valorant tournament is the Valorant Champions Tour, conducted by Riot Gaming. For matches of this competition bookmakers usually have higher odds.

Why do eSports bookmakers offer different numbers of Valorant bets?

Each bookmaker puts a different effort into their Valorant betting section. Some create many Valorant betting markets to give a variety to players; others prioritize other things. That is why you should always choose a specific bookie for this game.