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LoL Betting — The Definitive Guide to League of Legends Betting

League of Legends is the top game that unites a lot of eSports players as well as League of Legends betting enthusiasts from all over the world. The current multiplayer online battle area was first released in 2009 and since then has been actively increasing its audience. If you decide to start betting on LoL, then you should definitely know the basic principles of the game, the main favorites and underdogs, popular bet types, and more.

But all this information is fairly useless if you are not sure about the platform you are going to bet on. Below we have compiled for you a list of the best League of Legends betting sites that have been tested by our reviewers.

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To pick the best place for LoL betting, you should explore its security issues, available markets, type of LoL bets, payment methods, and many more. If you are a newcomer to the League of Legends eSports, it may be fairly difficult to cope with everything on your own. But with the information provided below, you can figure everything out and start betting on top online bookmakers in the shortest time possible.

The Best LoL Betting Sites: What are They?

While picking the top-notch bookie, you should pay attention to available LoL betting odds, betting line types, tournaments, and more. Below, you can check each of the options you should evaluate before registering at the particular online bookmaker.

🔸 Availability of Matches Every Day

League of Legends is one of those eSports games that can boast a high frequency of matches within various tournaments. Among them, you can select events that take place as a part of regional or world championships. This largely explains the high popularity of this game in terms of online eSports betting.

Hardly anyone likes to wait for a long time until the next match happens to bet on their favorite team. If you are an LoL betting fan, then you can always pick a match that will interest you. As a result, most top-notch online bookmakers come with a variety of LoL matches, and exactly such betting sites deserve your attention.

🔸 Favorable Odds

It is not a secret that in eSports (as well as regular sports) betting, odds play a significant role when you choose a particular online betting platform. When you have already clarified the situation with the security level and explored the range of available matches and tournaments, you should pay attention to the odds.

This is a factor of key importance in shaping your future win (or loss, which is also important). It is always worth choosing several League of Legends betting sites, analyzing them, and picking the one with the most competitive odds. In order to clear everything out, you should proceed to the LoL events grid and check available matches. As a rule, most bookmakers allow you to do it even without registration.

🔸 Bets with Additional Outcomes

If you are a newcomer to LoL eSports betting, then basic bets can be enough for you. They do not require a deep knowledge of the game, the specifics of the teams, the features of the tournament, and so on. For example, if you pick the match winner, then you choose a team that can potentially become the winner of a certain match. However, among LoL bettors, many people have considerable experience, and for whom simple bets are no longer so interesting.

With a focus on such bettors, many LoL betting sites add special bets that significantly expand the ability of users to predict outcomes. For example, it can be First Baron or Dragon, First Inhibitor/Tower, and others. You can learn more about these betting options in the appropriate section below. By the number of betting types, you can always indirectly assess the quality and reputation of a bookmaker. Do not forget that special LoL bets require you to have experience, knowledge of the game, and an understanding of the team you are betting on.

🔸 Free Match Streaming

What can be better than watching your favorite LoL team playing and betting on the game directly from one place? Indeed, a lot of online bookmakers offer the live steam option, but not all. Here is another important thing you should figure out: under what conditions the particular bookmaker allows you to watch LoL eSports with live streams?

The fact is that only a few betting sites allow, for example, unregistered users or those who have not placed the minimum required deposit to enjoy live streams. Plus, the particular bookmaker may not stream the whole range of events but only certain matches. These nuances are not often stated on the main page. To figure everything out, you should proceed to the bookmaker’s T&C or contact customer support service.

🔸 User-friendly Interface and Multiple Payment Methods

This option is not directly related to the League of Legends betting, but still important if you want to get a pleasant and smooth betting experience. If you register on the League of Legends betting site, you should take into account its interface: you can barely get 100% pleasure from betting on the site where your eyes quickly get tired of acid colors or flashing animation. The structure of the site should be understandable so that even a newcomer can easily master it.

Another option to consider is the range of payment methods. The best League of Legends betting sites come with a lot of financial gateways which offer the best security level. While betting, you should not worry about your private or financial data leakage but simply enjoy the process and be sure that you will get your winnings in time. To clarify this issue, you must proceed to the cashier section of online bookmakers or contact their customer support services.

Comparison of Famous League of Legends Betting Sites

Currently, you can find a lot of League of Legends betting sites that offer you to bet on various LoL matches within tournaments and championships. But the leaders in this niche are still BetOnline, GG.Bet, and BetUS.

As for BetOnline, LoL is one of the most popular eSports (the second most popular after CS:GO) disciplines that has a stable audience of fans. Here you can enjoy the whole range of local and world championships with fairly competitive odds.

The process of LoL betting at BetOnline is simple: just select the match, explore the market, click on the event, and specify the amount you want to place. After that, submit the bet slip and wait till the end of the match. BetOnline offers you to bet on games within LCK, LPL, LLA, LDL, and other top leagues. Also, it supports all American, Fractional, Decimal, and Hong Kong odd types for your convenience.

As for GG.Bet this betting platform offers fairly more events compared to the previous option. At the time of writing, you can check top events within LCK, LPL EBL, GBLOL, Elite Series, and other leagues.

Here you can enjoy the pre-match as well as live LoL betting. Another great option is that this bookmaker supports live streams, which are also available for non-registered users. If you are a newcomer, you can definitely appreciate detailed statistics available directly on the platform. It contains all the info you need to make the right prediction. The range of bet types here is also impressive, including standard (match winner) and special ones (total kills, race to kill, first blood, and others).

And last but not least bookmaker on today’s list is BetUS. This betting platform has a minimalistic and handy interface, so even if you are a newcomer, you can master it in a couple of minutes. This LoL betting site offers a wide range of bonuses you can spend to expand your betting abilities. Here you can choose among all available odd formats, switch between pre-match and live betting, and enjoy various bet types (handicaps, total/over, money lines, and so on). The range of tournaments and events here is approximately the same as the GG.Bet website offers.

Types of Outcomes on Which to Bet in LoL eSports

To reach success in LoL betting, you should understand different types of bets. The more they are offered by the bookmaker, the more opportunities and variety you have.

Match winner In this case, you are betting on a certain team that will be the first to destroy the opposing team’s Nexus. Take into account that the terminology may vary between League of Legends betting sites. In addition to the match winner, you can also experience money lines or personal bets. Available odds reflect the potential skill level of the teams and are usually based on their achievements or, on the contrary, failures in previous championships.
First Baron or Dragon Here you predict which team will be the first to kill the Baron or the Dragon. Both the Baron and the Dragon are neutral characters that are controlled not by the opposing team but by the computer.
Therefore, both teams strive to be the first to do it in order to get various buffs and advantages. In pursuit of killing the Baron or the Dragon, the team leaves its flanks undefined and exposes itself to the additional threat from the enemy.
First Inhibitor/Tower In this case, you are predicting which team will destroy the inhibitor or tower first. For these purposes, each map contains special towers and inhibitors that can be destroyed by both teams.
After that, they can get gold, experience, and some other advantages. For example, among such bonuses may be the appearance of friendly super minions, which can distract the enemy team.
Handicap Just like in regular sports betting, you predict that a certain team will win by handicapping one map in the series. There may also be an option when you bet that the team will win without losing a single map.
Outright winner This is a common LoL betting type that is popular among beginners. Here you predict that a certain team will win not in a specific match but in the whole according to the results of the tournament.

While picking certain types of betting on League of Legends, you should always assess your skills and experience. Sometimes it is better to start from simple bets and not get into trouble with serious money loss.

Pre-match vs Live League of Legends Betting

When choosing between two options, it is worth understanding how much you are willing to take risks and what is your level of understanding of the game. If you are a beginner, it is worth starting with a pre-match, while experienced punters often choose riskier live betting.

In the first case, League of Legends betting sites open markets and odds long before the event occurs. Therefore, you have time to get acquainted with them, compare them with different bookmakers, see the statistics of teams for previous matches, and so on. In the case of live betting, odds become available at the start of the game. It is more difficult to analyze here, and you should rely only on your understanding of the gameplay and knowledge of the teams that are playing.

On the other hand, those who enjoy live betting have access to more types of outcomes. This makes betting more interesting and exciting. Also, if you compare pre-match and live odds at LoL betting websites, you will notice that you can earn significantly more (as well as lose) if you choose the second option.

Broadcasts Are Must Have for Live Bets on League of Legends

If you are going to choose live betting on League of Legends eSports tournaments, then you should pick the platform that supports live streaming. On the one hand, it is simply convenient, so you do not need to look for third-party platforms and spend money on registration. But, in fact, it is also much more effective to bet at LoL betting sites that support this option.

The reason is that LoL is a pretty dynamic game where changes occur very quickly. If you choose live betting, you must react to even the slightest change adequately, and it is fairly difficult if you need to switch between platforms. That is why it is much easier and more effective to bet and watch the game from one place.

LoL Bookmaker Bonuses — Always a Good Idea!

Currently, the betting market is very competitive, where new League of Legends betting sites regularly appear. In such an environment, it is important to be unique and offer interesting options that can attract new clients as well as keep regular bettors engaged. In the comparison table below, you can check the list of top 10 bookies and a short description of their welcome promo offers.

Bookmaker Welcome Bonus
GG.Bet 100% on the first deposit of up to $300 (the minimum deposit required is $4).
BC.Game 270% on the first deposit amount after placing at least $10 to your balance.
Thunderpick 100% on the first deposit amount of up to $550 if you place at least $20.
MyStake 100% of up to $550 on the first deposit after replenishing your balance with $20 or more.
Loot.Bet 100% on the first deposit (up to $100) after topping up the balance with $20.
Cyber.bet 100% on the first deposit (but no more than $300) if you place $20 and more.
20bet 100% on the first deposit (up to $100) after replenishing the balance with $10.
Campobet 100% on the amount of your first deposit of up to $100 (min deposit amount is $20).
Powbet 100% on the first deposit amount of up to $100 (min deposit amount is $10).
22bet 100% on the first money amount you place of up to $250 (the min deposit required is $2).

As you can see, all League of Legends betting sites come with different bonus programs where the most lucrative options are aimed exactly at newcomers whom they want to anchor. By the way, we have a separate page with other bonuses for eSports betting, where you can choose an offer to your liking.

What Else Is Important to Know when Betting on LoL eSports?

As you may have already guessed, League of Legends is a fast-paced multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) where around 140 champions with unique abilities, skills, and styles. This makes it possible to develop a large number of different strategies and tactics and use them to win over opponents. To understand LoL betting deeper, let’s take a look at a typical match that starts with two teams (five players each).

They are located on opposite sides of a map called Summoner’s Rift. The starting point of the game is known as the Spawning Pool, in the center of which is a key structure called the Nexus that is also the main target. The main goal of the game is to destroy the other team’s Nexus. However, this is not so easy to do since, in addition to opponents, it is protected by special structures and obstacles.

6 Types of Champions in League of Legends

Below, you can check the main types of champions available in this game. Each class has its own unique capabilities, which makes the discipline interesting in terms of gameplay.

This is one of the more agile champions that can deal fast and heavy damage to hit as many opponents as possible in the shortest time possible. Typically, this champion uses melee-oriented tactics and weapons. Assassin is great for taking out champions with low health level and slow attack speed. Among the most popular heroes of this class are the following: Ahri, Shen, Zed, and Twitch.

This champion can strike the enemy with a powerful spell. In addition, it is able to provide support to members of friendly teams. Almost all spells have a limited area of effect. Some of them work against multiple enemies simultaneously, while others focus on quickly killing a single enemy champion. Such champions have limited mobility and take time to prepare their spell. In addition, they are distinguished by a relatively low level of health. Popular heroes of this class include Karthus, Lulu, Swain, Anivia, and Galio.

  • Fighter

It is one of the most interesting champions from the League of Legends eSports point of view. This is a more or less average champion that specializes in damage or tanking, with decent health and above-average damage output. As a rule, this champion uses melee weapons, although there are exceptions to this rule. Here are some popular heroes from this class: Lee Sina, Wukong, and Irelia.

  • Marksman

This character focuses on long-range damage and is primarily focused on wearing down the enemy on the battlefield. As a rule, the heroes who are in this class have a high level of DPS (damage per second) and low defense. Often such champions are used to eliminate turrets, barons, and dragons. Some examples of heroes in this class include Tristan, Draven, and Varus.

  • Tank

This is another interesting option to follow if you bet on LoL. It is a strong champion who can hold back a large stream of enemies and is characterized by high levels of health as well as the ability to absorb damage. In doing so, it can produce a relatively low base level of damage. Some examples of heroes in this class include Malphite, Amumu, and Garena.

  • Support

This champion can help its teammates with useful abilities that are mainly aimed at healing or incapacitating enemy opponents. Often these champions are used for map scouting due to their ability to place wards. Some examples of heroes in this class include Maoki, Leona, and Morgana.

Keep in mind that professional players try to hone their skills on particular champions. It helps them develop the best strategy and be the most effective. Use this for example in live betting. Knowing the positioning of the heroes will increase your chances on the LoL betting website.

Professional Match Overview

The professional matches you can check on various LoL betting sites are not too different from the usual ones. In the beginning, gamers choose a champion with whom they land on the map. As it was mentioned above, Nexus is the main target for both teams. At the same time, they also try to earn gold and extra points for killing the Dragon or the Baron.

A typical professional eSports match you can watch on LoL betting websites is highly coordinated, where players clearly know their goals, and perfectly understands the principles of the game and the strategy of the team. The duration of a game match can vary depending on the game’s mode. For example, in Summoner’s Rift (a map with three lanes) — matches last 30-40 minutes. At the same time, in Howling Abyss (a map with one lane), a match lasts no more than 22 minutes.

The 4 Main Regions of LoL eSports

While betting on League of Legends, you can experience the following key LoL regions.

  • LPL — It is a popular Chinese League that consists of 12 teams. The team that wins has the opportunity to participate in The Mid-Season Invitational. Almost all the teams in this league are characterized by a fast pace of the game and non-standard tricks during matches.
  • LEC — It is the top-notch European league that is presented on most League of Legends betting websites. About 10 teams regularly take part in the annual championship within this league (the top one is G2 Esports). European teams regularly participate in the main world tournaments and show excellent results.
  • LCK — As it is known, LoL is very popular among South Koreans. According to statistics, there is a large number of world leaders among them who annually compete for the title of the best team in the world. Currently, T1 is one of the most titled South Korean teams you should pay attention to if you decide to try betting on League of Legends.
  • LCS — This league includes players from the US and Canada and was created to compete with Korean teams. The top ten teams from the US and Canada must compete in the group stage and advance to the next stage and international tournaments.

These are the main leagues you should pay attention to if you want to bet on LoL on real money and understand the principles of the game.

League of legends Tournaments and World Championship

Initially, teams compete separately. They are divided into a two-round spring split and a three-round summer split (225 games in total). Next, the teams are ranked to figure out which of them will be participating in the Mid-Season Showdown.

Based on the results of the Mid-Season Showdown, we can see the main contenders for the LoL Worlds. It is the top annual professional tournament that takes place under the patronage of Riot Games. It is the final competition of each season, where the world’s best teams compete for the 32kg Summoner’s Cup as well as a massive cash prize. Currently, the largest prize pool was in 2018 ($6.5m). This event is available at every League of Legends betting website that offers a line on this game.

At the moment, this is the most long-awaited event in the world of professional eSports, which unites millions of fans. Every year the tournament changes venues in different major countries and regions. As for the favorites, South Korean T1 is the most successful team in the history of the LoL Worlds, having won three world championships. It is not surprising that such an event is broadcast by the best LoL betting sites that offer a huge selection of outcomes and attractive odds.

What Makes Betting on League of Legends So Popular?

LoL is one of the top-notch picks both for eSports players and betting enthusiasts. This game is available on most online bookmakers, where you can take advantage of competitive odds, a wide variety of outcomes, a rich set of events within local and regional tournaments, and more. Plus, there is a pool of online bookies that offer exclusive League of Legends betting bonuses to expand your betting opportunities.

LoL Betting: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to gamble on LoL?

Yes, this eSports game is absolutely legal to bet on, if you pick the licensed bookmaker that matches all the security norms.

Do all bookmakers accept live betting on LoL?

Yes, the LoL betting sites (including those listed in this page) support live betting on games. Some of the most suitable bookmakers for this are GGBet or VulkanBet.

What are the best types of outcomes to start betting on League of Legends?

If you are a newcomer to the LoL betting world, then it is better to start with pre-match betting and choose the match or outright winner.

How often do the events in the LoL eSports schedule take place?

Given the number of leagues and various tournaments, you can experience new events (local and world) very often (especially in spring and summer).

What is the most famous League of Legends tournament to bet on?

At the time of writing, LoL Worlds is the most popular tournament that unites the best teams from all over the world.

Can I make League of Legends bets with in-game items?

Some bookmakers offer this possibility, but they are quite rare for this discipline. Nevertheless, they do exist.