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Esports Betting with PayPal — Bet with Confidence

Looking forward to making some bets but don’t know which payment tool to use? We’ve all been there. And it is one of the toughest choices for inexperienced bettors. How do you know which is the best? You need information! And we are up to give it to you. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to discover eSports betting with PayPal.

This page will answer all your PayPal questions. You will discover its benefits and decide whether to use it or not.

Top eSports Betting Sites Offering PayPal Services

Where to look for trusted betting sites that accept PayPal? Right below! There is a table representing some of the best PayPal eSports betting platforms.

  • A well-known eSports bookmaker
  • Unique bonus system
  • A wide range of bets for CS: GO and Dota 2
  • The king among eSports bookmakers
  • The widest betting options with additional outcomes
  • Daily bonuses and cashback on bets
  • One of the leaders in online betting
  • Welcome bonus has no wagering requirements
  • Maximum reliability
  • Maximum level of reliability
  • All popular eSports games are in the betting line
  • Ability to use PayPal for withdrawals

Each of them was carefully examined by our analyst teams. They considered their aspects: security, odds, bet types, promotions, interface, etc. Scroll through the list, find the most beneficial bookie for you, and start your PayPal wagering journey!

Why is PayPal on Betting Sites Awesome? The Primary Benefits

PayPal has climbed to the top of the mountain, leaving all the mediocre payment tools behind. PayPal’s main pushing force was the set of its benefits. Altogether, they make PayPal’s using experience perfect, especially for eSports betting. Here are the most substantial of them:

And now, imagine all those juicy benefits combined. It feels like freedom. Freedom from common restrictions payment services imposes on you. Try it once, and you will be a PayPal fan for life.

Compilation of eSports Bookmakers with PayPal

We would like to acquaint you with some great eSports betting PayPal options. Read about their features and benefits and decide which is best for you.

Betway eSports

Looking for a PayPal bookmaker that specializes in eSports the most? Betway is your choice. Here you will find an enormous number of games, tournaments, and bet types to choose from. And this entire tasty mix is sprinkled with eSports-oriented promotions. Yes, promotions are activated only with/for eSports games and tournaments. Although these promos are not generic, they offer much more bonuses.

Additionally, Betway has some of the best designs we’ve ever seen. Browsing through the platform feels very smooth, and the animations are satisfying.


Another one of the best betting sites that accept PayPal is Rivalry. This platform puts much effort into eSports but also has a regular sports section. Main Rivalry’s feature is unique betting markets. Thus, developers are bringing in new game-specific lines for eSports games. Choose it if you want to get more diversity out of betting and test your wagering accuracy.

Besides that, Rivalry also has a fantastic welcome bonus that greets every new bettor. Use it and get a 100% match deposit to your first transaction and receive up to $100.


Established in 2016, GG.Bet has had enough time to create a reputable image. It is famous among eSports bettors for its utility. It splendidly supports customers with 24/7 available managers. It has tens of available payment methods, making it convenient for more users. Of course, PayPal is on this list as well.

When it comes to eSports, GGBet has all the popular games you need: Call of Duty, StarCraft, Dota, CS:GO, and even Warcraft III. Of course, these are not all.

Bet on the listed and other games at GG.Bet and watch matches live right at the bookmaker website. No need to look for other streaming services.

How to Use PayPal for eSports Bets

Scared that it takes much time to handle eSports betting with PayPal? Don’t be delusional! PayPal is an easy-to-use e-wallet that can be operated even by a 10-year-old child.

Here, look at this PayPal using guide:

  1. Open PayPal’s official website;
  2. Look for the “Sign Up” button at the upper right of the screen;
  3. Decide between personal and business accounts. A personal account will serve as a common e-wallet for online purchases. While the business version allows multiple people to access an account simultaneously and gives other business-oriented features. Normally, a personal account is a solid eSports bet with PayPal choice;
  4. Fill out necessary blanks with info. Type in your actual first and last name, an email, and create a strong password. Remember, PayPal is a place to store money: never share your account details with anyone;
  5. Provide additional info. Now PayPal needs some of your other personal information. Don’t fret about sharing it: this step is required for security. For example, if you lose access to your wallet, it will be easier for you to return it;
  6. Add a card/bank. You can mainly throw cash on your PayPal balance via credit card or bank. So at this step, you will need to indicate one of those. You can skip this for now, but you will do it anyway later. Further, PayPal will ask you to confirm a card. It is a quick process where PayPal charges a couple of cents from the card and then sends it back. That way, PayPal knows your card is legitimate;
  7. Confirm registration. Check out your email to confirm an account registration. Just follow the instructions from the letter: they usually take a few minutes.

Great, you’ve just learned how to make a PayPal account! It was one of our first steps in learning eSports betting with PayPal. Now, let’s discover other essential processes.

Steps to Deposit

So, what do we need to deposit funds on bookie with PayPal? First, make sure you have enough money on your PayPal balance. If you do:

  1. Open your bookmaker website;
  2. Sign in to your profile and open a cashier (sometimes it’s called banking) page;
  3. Press “Deposit” and look for the PayPal among offered payment tools;
  4. Type in your PayPal info and define how much you want to deposit;
  5. Confirm the deposit and wait a couple of seconds for the funds to arrive.

Congratulations! Now you have some cash, and you can start to bet with PayPal. Let’s see how you would act after the betting is done.

Withdrawal Process

An important thing to know before withdrawing is your bookie limits. Some bookmakers are ready to pay a couple of bucks, while others require you to have at least ten dollars. Ensure you have enough to initiate withdrawing. When you do, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the cashier (banking) page;
  2. Select “Withdrawal” and look for PayPal;
  3. Type in an amount you want to withdraw and confirm the finance transaction.

Don’t worry if the money doesn’t arrive immediately. Yes, PayPal processes transactions in a few seconds, but it also must be processed by the bookie. You can check these timings on the bookmaker informational page.

PayPal Limits and Fees at the Best eSports Betting Sites

Initially, PayPal set very friendly limits and fees. The minimum amount you can deposit to your bookmaker is just $0.01, while the maximum is $10 000. If you need more, you must conduct a few payments. However, these numbers are often not applicable, as bookies set their own limits, overlapping PayPal’s.

The same rule is applied to fees. Originally, PayPal charges up to a couple of percent when sending money to the bookmaker balance. Still, the betting site itself can oblige you with some more fees. However, if you decide to send your money from PayPal to your bank account/credit card, it is free of fees.

Countries Where PayPal is Not Allowed for Gambling

PayPal has some of the largest coverages among all bookmaker payment methods. That is why eSports betting with PayPal is available almost regardless of your country. However, there is a list of countries where PayPal is not accepted:

Look for the complete list at the PayPal official website.

Main Alternatives to PayPal for eSports Bets

If you are not satisfied with PayPal’s features, or it is not accepted in your country, you will need an analog. Here are some of the best PayPal alternatives accepted by bookies:

Skrill Store multiple currencies in a single account and enjoy quick payments.
Google Pay Connect your credit card and conduct secure payments in one click.
Crypto Purchase unique coins and use decentralized platforms to pay with them.
Bank transfer Use no additional services and send cash directly from your bank.

Learn about those by doing little research and choose an alternative to eSports betting with PayPal.

The Bottom Line: Speed and Reliability — That’s All About PayPal!

PayPal is a choice for bettors who prefer security, stability, and swiftness. A mix of those factors forms a perfect payment tool for your eSports bets. No more worries about your funds being stolen. No more missed bets due to the long transaction processing. And finally, no more bugs and lags preventing you from depositing. Enjoy pure betting without distractions — bet with PayPal!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is PayPal perfect for eSports betting?

Each eSports bet with PayPal delivers everything bettors need: speed, security, and stable functioning.

Can I bet on CS:GO with PayPal?

Esports betting with PayPal allows you to bet on any game present at the bookmaker. Counter-Strike is also included in this list.

In what countries is PayPal not available for betting?

You can’t bet with PayPal in a list of African and Eastern countries like Iran, Iraq, Libya, etc. Look for the complete list on the PayPal website.

What are the disadvantages of PayPal for online betting?

The only disadvantage of PayPal for online betting is that it is not available in a few countries and is not accepted by some bookies.