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CSGO Betting: Succeed in CSGO Bets with Our Guide

Currently, the ability to bet on CSGO matches is literally one of the most popular options offered by online bookmakers. And this is not surprising since CSGO matches take place almost everywhere within various leagues and among players of different skill levels.

If you want to place the most effective bets on this game, you need to know how to choose the top bookmaker, the way how to choose the best bet type, understand the basic rules of CSGO betting, get an insight into its major tournaments, and more. All this info you can get here.

Where to Bet on CSGO — Try the Best CSGO Betting Opportunity

First, you should find a reputable betting platform to make sure you can get a 100% secure betting environment. You can check the table below in order to get more details about the top CSGO betting sites and pick the one that fully meets your requirements.

  • The king among eSports bookmakers
  • The widest betting options with additional outcomes
  • Daily bonuses and cashback on bets
  • Free broadcasts of eSports matches
  • Excellent selection of gaming disciplines
  • The highest bonus among competitors
  • A trusted bookmaker founded in 1963
  • Instant payouts via 10 different payment systems
  • Virtual sports betting available
  • One of the best eSports lines
  • Free live match broadcasts
  • All known cryptocurrencies are available
  • One of the leaders in online betting
  • Welcome bonus has no wagering requirements
  • Maximum reliability
  • Cryptocurrencies in payment methods
  • Good odds for live betting on major Dota 2 tournaments
  • Unique interface and great bonuses
  • A well-known eSports bookmaker
  • Unique bonus system
  • A wide range of bets for CS: GO and Dota 2
  • Quick registration with anonymous play
  • Daily bonuses and exclusive rewards system
  • Various cryptocurrencies for payments without fees
N1 Bet
  • Licensed betting platform
  • Responsive customer support
  • A wide range of payment methods

Betway is one of the most popular online bookmakers you can experience in the market, with a lot of betting line types. The most popular markets among punters at Betway are Match Winner, Totals, and Handicap. Also, customers can try their luck using Draw No Bets, Odds/Even, Correct Scores, and others. Betway is distinguished by competitive CSGO odds for those who prefer pre-match as well as in-play betting. As for the range of events, here, you can choose among ESL, PGL, FACEIT, ECS, and others.

Speaking about GGBet, this bookmaker is another well-known platform that offers you to bet on CSGO using pre-match and in-play options. The wide range of standard and exotic bets will not leave any CSGO punter indifferent. Depending on your skill level, you can try Total Maps, Round Handicap, Half Winner, Pistol Round Winner, Correct Score, and so on. Also, bookmaker allows all users to enjoy live streams of most local and world events.

counter strike go

The last but not least platform on the list of today’s best CSGO betting sites is Pinnacle. This bookmaker offers high odds for all types of CSGO events: ESL Pro League, BLAST, IEM, and others. The wide range of bet types allows you to pick the one that fully meets your needs: from standard Match Winner and Over/Under to more specific Overtime, Kills bets, Multibets, and more.

In fact, every eSports betting platform offers this game in its lines, as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is in the top 3 disciplines for online betting by popularity. Only LoL betting is likely to compete.

How to Bet on CSGO

If you want to succeed in CSGO betting, then you should have an understanding of each step from the beginning to the end. In order to simplify the task, below you can check the algorithm you can use right away.

  1. Choose a site where you are going to bet. This is the most important step because you should be 100% sure that you are using a reputable and trusted platform. That is why you need to proceed to the bookie’s official website and check data about its license and certification in the T&C section or directly in the site’s footer.
  2. Register and get the welcome bonus. After you have made sure it is a secured betting platform, you must create an account and boost your chances with a sign-up reward (most CSGO gambling sites support this option). All you need is to click the registration button and fill in a registration form with details about yourself. After that, you should verify your email address in order to become a full member.
  3. Make your first deposit on which you will bet. At this stage, you should check the cashier’s section, select among available payment methods, and place the minimum deposit required.
  4. Choose a match from the schedule and decide on a suitable market. After the deposit amount is credited to your balance, you can proceed to the section with CSGO events and pick the one that is interesting for you. Do not forget to check the whole range of supported CSGO betting markets and pick the one depending on your skills and experience.
  5. Evaluate the chances of winning and confirm your bet. You should always evaluate your chances of winning and place the sum that you are ready to spend painlessly. After you make a decision, you should confirm the bet.

After that, you should wait till the end of the match. As soon as the results are ready, you will receive a notification through the internal message system or by email.

Bet Like an Expert: How Does CSGO Betting Work?

If you want to predict events on CSGO betting sites like a pro, you should have a big picture of the main types of bets, understand the differences between live and pre-match betting, and so on. Given that this eSports is rapidly developing, you should also understand the peculiarities of the case, skin, and real money betting.

Types of CSGO Bets

All bookmakers come with their own sets of CSGO bet types. Wherein they often include standard and special bets, you can check below.

Outright Winner In this case, the bettor predicts the winner of not one specific match but the entire tournament.
Match Winner Here you bet on the winner of a particular CSGO match.
Group or Region It is the bet type with a low risk that allows you to place on a certain group or a region that can potentially win.
Maps Over/Under This CSGO bet is popular in the playoffs of major tournaments, where you can experience the best of three or best of five matches.
Knife Round Winner In this case, you bet on the winner of the zero (knife) round from which each competitive CSGO match begins.
Pistol Round Winner Here you predict the winner of the pistol round (during the break between the main rounds), during which the terrorists and counter-terrorists change their positions.
Total Rounds Over/Under In this case, you need to correctly predict the total number of rounds that will be played within the match.
First Kill This is a rather risky bet where you predict the team that will make the first kill.

While choosing the bet type, you should always consider your experience and skills. Sometimes it is better to pick a standard bet but get better chances of winning.

Different Betting Formats

Today a lot of bookmakers offer the CSGO betting option allow you to bet not only on real money. In order to expand their audiences and boost their betting opportunities, some platforms allow you to use skins and case betting options, which are described in detail below.

Real Money Betting

In this case, you use the same mechanism as when betting on regular sports. After registering on the betting site, you replenish the balance with real money and use them to predict the outcome of the CS:GO match you are interested in. This option is the main one at any online bookmaker that allows you to place a bet on CSGO.

Skin Betting

Currently, some bookmakers offer their customers to bet using skins instead of real money. In fact, skin is a special add-on that changes the appearance of weapons without affecting their effectiveness. Most skins can be bought or won for some achievements. If you decide to use this option, please note that skins are characterized by extreme price volatility. It is currently the main alternative to real money betting.

Case Betting

As in the case of skins, this is a popular alternative to real money Counter Strike bets. Here, we are talking about a case with some content (for example, various weapons, ammunition, and so on) that can be obtained during the game from special pools or simply bought.

CSGO Live Betting

This type of betting is definitely an option for more experienced punters as it requires special skills, knowledge of the game META, understanding of teams, and so on. Plus, it is associated with high risks. As the name implies, in this case, CSGO betting markets are opened immediately after the start of the match.

Therefore, you do not have the opportunity to get acquainted, for example, with the odds in advance, as is the case with pre-match betting. However, this method of outcome prediction also has an advantage: you can use much higher odds compared to pre-match betting.

The Major Tournaments to CSGO Betting

csgo blast

CSGO is definitely one of the most popular eSports games that unite millions of supporters worldwide. So, it is not surprising that this game gave rise to a large number of different tournaments, and the main of them are described in the list below.

As a rule, if you register at a reputable bookmaker, then you can find not only the tournaments listed above but also more local events.

CSGO Betting Tips for the Perfect Experience

Below, you can check the most effective CSGO betting guide that can help you start predicting the outcomes of various matches as an expert.

Keep in mind that all of the above-mentioned tips can be applied to any type of punter: newcomer as well as experienced one.

CS:GO eSports: Basics and Rules

During a CSGO match, each team has a chance to play as terrorists or counter-terrorists. The formers are trying to plant a bomb, while the counter-terrorists are trying to stop them. Matches are played on maps with their own terrain features, buildings, obstacles, and more. The battle continues until one of the teams wins 16 rounds with a potential of 30 rounds, excluding overtime.

s1mple csgo

At the beginning of each round, teams will receive a certain amount of money, which depends on the result of the previous round. Accordingly, if there is not enough money, then the team needs to use tricks and a specific strategy to complete their task on the map. This is the essence of the competitive environment and the unpredictable outcomes you can enjoy while betting on CSGO.

How Did Betting on CSGO eSports Begin

CSGO entered eSports in the early 2000s and gained popularity all over the world. The first prestigious international tournament was held in Dallas in 2001 and offered the winner $150,000. At the time, it was won by the Ninjas in Pajamas team. Since then, this game has been accepted by all online bookmakers.

They began to offer not only real money but also skins and case betting, different markets, and more. The number of championships and leagues has also grown along with the prize pools, which are now worth millions of dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions on Betting in CS:GO eSports

What do I need to know about CSGO betting before I start?

First, you should learn about the rules of the game, top teams, and types of bets. It is also important to find a good site with CSGO betting and evaluate your skills to pick the right betting option.

Is it legal to bet on CSGO?

Yes, betting on CSGO is absolutely legal and available on any online bookmaker. Here, the most important is to pick a licensed and trusted betting platform.

What is the minimum bet in CSGO?

It all depends on the particular platform where you are going to bet on Counter Strike. In order to do it, you should proceed to the bookie’s T&C section or figure it out by contacting the customer support service.

What unique outcomes can there be for CSGO matches?

You can use a wide variety of bet types while betting on CSGO, but among the unique ones are the following: 1st/2nd Pistol Round Winner, Knife Round Winner, etc.

Is it hard to bet live on CSGO?

It all depends on your skills, experience, and the type of CSGO betting you choose. The most difficult is in-play betting, when odds become available after the match starts, and you have little time to analyze the situation.