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FIFA eSports Odds

FIFA is a football simulation game where different teams compete against each other to become a champion. The game is similar to a traditional one but exists in a fully online format. As befits an eSports discipline with a large audience, bets are accepted on this game and you can easily find FIFA odds on the web resources of all major bookmakers.

We also offer you great odds on FIFA eSports matches. The full schedule and live scores are available below.

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Still, there are many varieties of e-football, among which even an experienced bettor can easily get confused. You have to keep in mind that there are two main options: FIFA as an eSports discipline and FIFA as a simulation or virtual football. In the first case, gamers and organizations compete with each other, just like in other eSports disciplines. In the second case, virtual matches are run on the official engine. Anyway, bookmakers offer FIFA betting odds for both variants.

Events with the best FIFA Betting Odds

There are numerous FIFA odds for top competitions as they differ according to the chosen bookmaker.

Elite League

This league gathers elite teams and provides a great set of tournaments with quite unpredictable results. No wonder the odds are high and bettors enjoy following matches and making predictions on their outcome.


This option has brought football back to the streets providing realistic matches and all sets of emotions from a real game. They will take you from the noisy atmosphere of stadiums to street football on playgrounds around the world. By the way, GGBet eSports holds such competitions.

FIFAe Club Series

FIFAe Club Series is a famous championship organized by EA Sports. At the beginning of its history in 2017, only some clubs could join and participate in the matches. Later, it became open to all teams, and nowadays all clubs are allowed to take part in the event.

There is also a World Cup in this Series with a total prize of $300 000 that is divided between the three teams who become champions.

Bet on FIFA Matches with Higher Odds in Live

Betting on FIFA eSports matches is quite the same as on real football. The most common option is predicting the result. Thus, you can try to analyze the teams and predict the end of their meeting (first or second winner, or a draw). In addition, there may be an option to bet on the absence of a draw.

The best odds for FIFA eSports match include a live option that allows you to get the maximum winnings. In this virtual reality, the situation rarely changes significantly during the game. In this case, the tournaments usually end in the same manner they have begun. Knowing this feature of e-football allows bettors to get good profits while following FIFA eSports matches.

For example, the common rule states that which team scores a goal first becomes the winner of the tournament. According to statistics, about 80-90% of matches end in this way. However, when utilizing such a betting scheme for FIFA odds, players should remember that leading teams change from season to season and it may be challenging to gather the statistics.

However, the live option usually provides higher FIFA betting odds than the other types. Moreover, there are unique types of bets, which can only be placed in this mode. For instance, you can follow the game closely and bet on the next goal. This makes the process even more attractive and allows getting high profits.

Live Streams for Free on Our Website

If you are looking for a live betting, we provide free streaming for all important events of this game. Thus, you can look through the schedule of live FIFA matches in advance and plan your own betting experience.

How FIFA eSports Odds Work

There are different types of odds and each FIFA betting site selects some for the users. The most widespread are decimal odds. While utilizing them, you need to multiply the number by your bet and subtract the latter, to understand the future profit.

For instance, when you bet $200 with odds of 1.70, your total profit will be $140 since (200*1.70)-200 is 140. In this case, the odds are not less than 1.00 and their upper limit is not set. The lower the odds, the higher the possibility of an outcome.

American odds utilize a number with a plus or a minus to indicate the probable loser and the best team. As for the fractional, for every X you bet, you earn Y profit in case of winning.

Always Analyze the Odds for Maximum Profit

It is important to analyze available FIFA eSports odds, select a reliable bookmaker, and build up your own strategy. To determine the leader of a FIFA match, consider the following factors:

  • Odds set by the bookmaker (they usually give a lower odd to the probable winner);
  • The current ranking, which represents all teams, so you search for current leaders and bet on them;
  • Motivation of the team for the current tournament as its size and prize fund can largely influence the outcome;

Since match results in eSports are random, preliminary analysis can be utilized but it is not always helpful. To test the efficiency of different betting schemes, a demo account is recommended for novice users. With it, you can figure out how betting strategies work and learn to make the right profitable decisions. Only after that you can switch to a real bet and get real money for successful predictions.

After gathering some gaming experience, you can learn to find errors and bugs in the simulator software and use them to your advantage. Keep in mind that only perseverance helps to get the desired outcome, rather than trying to randomly guess the result of the given event. At the same time, you should not rush to bet too large sums from the very beginning. It is better to allocate in advance the amount of money that you can lose due to an unsuccessful forecast. At last, it is necessary to follow the odds and cooperate with reliable bookmakers only.