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Hearthstone Betting Odds

Hearthstone matches are played since this game appeared in 2014. Nowadays they belong to the popular options among eSports disciplines. Many bookmakers provide Hearthstone odds and encourage users to try this great game. Therefore, everyone can bet real money on their favorite player and profit from it.

All Hearthstone Matches to Bet On

About Professional Hearthstone Matches

Hearthstone matches are based on collecting cards and receiving special rewards. Competitions occur between users during the game. They involve playing cards until the opponent’s points are completely destroyed.


The usual gameplay consists of one-on-one matches between a gamer and another user that is selected randomly. This mode utilizes prepared decks and has a limited number of available cards. In a Wild game mode where all the previously used cards are included. Both options can be played in a casual or ranked option.

Players can move through the ranking system or stay more relaxed in the casual style. At the end of the month, players get rewards according to their results in the ranking.

Other available options for playing include:

  • Arena has a thirty cards-deck that is played until some amount of winnings or losses is reached;
  • Tavern Brawls is played every week with an unusual deck;
  • Battlegrounds is an auto mode, in which eight gamers play against each other trying to become the last hero;
  • Duels starts with a 15-card deck that is assembled by gamers and then the mode proceeds similarly to Arena;
  • Classic mode utilizes all the cards that the gamer has in his library;
  • Mercenaries creates a group of six minions and utilizes them to complete different quests.

In addition, there are single adventures. They offer alternative ways to play and also provide an opportunity to find cards that are not available in other modes.

Bans, Classes and Card Decks

There are four main groups of cards that differ in their effect on the game, namely cards of creatures, weapons, spells, and heroes.

When you utilize a creature card, it is summoned to the table. It has some health value and possibilities that are permanent or conditional. Some creatures possess additional effects.

When using a weapon card, the hero gets a weapon with some damage and durability indicators.

Spell cards are divided into those with an immediate effect and those that work under certain conditions.

As for the heroes, the game features ten character classes that were originally taken from World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. After completing the Training mode, the first class becomes available to the player together with a base deck. Thus, he can start to play in PvP game modes. The other nine classes can be unlocked after defeating the AI-controlled class in Training Mode.

Match Process

When you bet on Hearthstone matches, you will see that there are no heroes, armies, or skins. The game provides only different cards in each player’s portfolio.

The rules are simple. Two opponents make a certain systematic action. Before the start of the round, each of them chooses 30 cards and a hero who will participate in the match. The main goal of the confrontation is to reduce the pool of the enemy to zero points.

Find the Best Hearthstone Odds

Hearthstone betting odds are quite diverse. The most common of them are made during the tournaments. In addition, experienced gamers bet on offer, the highest damage with one card, total damage, drawing a legendary card, etc. Among the standard bets, there are the outcome, handicap by games, and total.

Each Sportsbook Has Different Odds

Keep in mind that Hearthstone odds differ according to the chosen bookmaker. Thus, it is better to take your time and carefully select the one that will suit all your needs.

The Value Can Change Depending on The Match Outcome

Pay attention to the fact that odds may vary depending on the type of match. When you follow live tournaments and place live bets, the outcome is quite unpredictable. Thus, carefully learn the rules and follow the guidelines of the chosen bookmaker.

Give Priority to eSports Bookmakers

While choosing a place to bet, remember that the best Hearthstone odds are provided by specialized eSports bookmakers. The latter has a better range than the usual one and also will help you to follow the game and the new tournaments and stay alert.

Which Sites Offer The Highest Hearthstone Betting Odds?

While searching for Hearthstone betting odds, pay attention to the following services.

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And now let us tell you more about them.


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Watch Streams and Bet in Live with Favorable Odds on Hearthstone!

Follow a full schedule of the best Hearthstone matches, watch them in live mode and bet freely! The most favorable odds are always waiting for you. Furthermore, do not hesitate to play by yourself to understand all the features and intricacies of the game and place profitable bets.