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CSGO Betting Odds and Matches

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How Do CSGO Odds Work?

Odds do two tasks at once: they show the outcome’s probability and how much you win if you wager on one. To calculate odds for CSGO matches, bookies complete a comprehensive pre-game analysis. But how exactly does that work? Let’s break it down using a real game example.

Imagine there is an upcoming Fnatic vs Na’Vi match. And the bookmaker’s task is to calculate match-winner odds. To do that, he has to keep track of teams’:

Previous performances If Fnatic was wrecking the eSports scene by winning 10 games in a row against strong opponents, it has many chances against Na’Vi too.
Mental states If the team (or its member) is mentally down/physically ill, they wouldn’t be able to perform at their best.
Rosters If the team has recently changed their players, their teamplay is probably lacking. It impacts the team’s results.
Training To prepare for the CSGO upcoming matches, teams have to train. The more intensive their pieces of training were, the better they’ll be.
Matchup Each team has weak and strong sides. For example, Na’Vi might be stronger at playing deTrain map. So they have more chances of winning at it. Also, matchup analysis may regard team playstyles. Hence if Fnatic plays well as CT, they will probably take more rounds with it.

Bookmakers have to consider at least all these factors. Then, they combine them, creating a probable match outcome. Which is later transferred into the CSGO odds.

Why Do Bookmakers Have Different CSGO Betting Odds?

If you’ve been wagering on Counter-Strike for a while, you should’ve noticed that different bookies have different odds. That’s because each site has its own analytic team with a unique approach. So they are not necessarily following the template we’ve mentioned above. But in general, the odds are just a couple of percent off.

Also, an interesting situation has occurred in live CSGO matches and their odds. They might differ depending on how many people are watching a live stream. But the gameplay itself has the biggest impact on them.

For example, if the live bet lets you wager on the match winner, the current score will drastically change the CSGO betting odds. If one team scores 14 while the other scores 5, the odds will favor the first team.

Or let’s take a total bet, so popular for CSGO matches. If specified for a total number of team kills, the closer the team gets to the bet’s objective, the higher the odds.

Get More from Live Betting on CSGO Matches

Expanding the topic of betting on live CSGO matches, it is a great overall option with many benefits. First, it saves you if you’re late for a wager. However, the odds might change a bit, depending on how late you are.

What’s also cool about live betting is how it lets you conduct an intelligence before wagering. That’s very handy when you are unsure if you should bet. So you just watch a couple of first CSGO match rounds and then wager.

And finally, in-play betting serves as the probable outcome’s representation in real-time. So if you want to know how the match will end, check out the live match winner odds.

Watch CSGO Streams on Our Site

Live betting and streams are inseparable. Game tracking is an essential part of live betting. Looking for a place to watch CSGO matches? Then we’ll be glad to be one!

On our platform, you may find any CSGO competitive match. And additionally, we have a list of live bets whose odds change in real-time. So you don’t need to constantly switch between the stream, and CSGO match betting pages.

There are very few bookmakers offering such a feature. Only the best ones in the industry do. And that’s one of many reasons why they are at the top.

How to Analyze Live CSGO Matches for Prediction?

Before a CSGO match, there is a list of factors you must consider. Once you do, you’ll get a better image of the upcoming game. So predicting wagers will be much easier.

We’ve already touched on that, explaining how the odds work. And using an analytics approach before making the CSGO odds is a good idea. You should look at the following:

  • Teams’ previous performance;
  • Their pieces of training;
  • Mental and physical state;
  • Rosters;
  • Matchup details.

Feel free to expand this list. These are just general factors influencing the game outcome. Over time, you’ll come up with your element to consider.

As you are just a bettor, not a bookie, you can use a simple trick. Visit different sites with CSGO pro matches and check their odds. Make a comparison of them and see what’s the probable outcome based on the average CSGO odds.

It would be easier to analyze by tracking your results. You can create some kind of Excel table or just use a notepad to track your betting outcomes and pregame analysis. With its help, you’ll see how analyzing specific factors improves your results. And thus, start earning more wins and profit.

Basic About CSGO Pro Matches: Get Ready to Bet!

Understanding pro CSGO matches and how they link is vital to make your betting more consistent. Notably, it will impact your pre-game analysis, allowing you to examine upcoming games properly. So here is how the CSGO eSports system works.

Match Format

Counter-Strike matches always follow a format rule. It dictates how many games in the series teams must play. For example, in the BO5 format, teams must play five maps. So the first team to win 3 games receives a win.

Most often, the farther in the tournament, the more extended the format will get. At the beginning of the event, teams will probably play BO3. While the final matches, at least BO5.

Tournament Grid

To know the upcoming event opponents, you should look at the tournament grid. It is featured at each tournament’s stage, including all the teams. The grid randomly sorts competitors, defining who faces who.

Traditionally, all the teams will start near the edges of the grid. But by winning, they’ll move towards the center. So the middle of the grid is preserved for the Counter-Strike match between the two best competitors.

Map Pool for eSports

CSGO pro matches are played in a particular map pool. It is created by Valve but influenced by the community and players’ opinions. And each CSGO competitive match will 100% be conducted on one of them.

This info can be beneficial when making pre-game analyses. And we recommend you always track it and stay up to date.

As of 2023, the currently active map pool for CSGO eSports consists of the following seven maps:

  1. Mirage
  2. Vertigo
  3. Nuke
  4. Ancient
  5. Inferno
  6. Overpass
  7. Anubis

Match Length and Number of Rounds

Traditionally, CSGO events follow a basic competitive game system. So the game features 5 players from each side. The first team who wins 16 matches scores a map win. When the game passes 15 rounds, teams change their roles: counter-terrorists and terrorists.

If the map score is 15 – 15, additional rounds start. To win at that stage, the team must get ahead of their opponents for at least 2 rounds. Hence games can be very long sometimes, featuring 50+ rounds.

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