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Dota 2 Odds: Bet Like a Pro with Us

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Odds are a highly-important element for Dota 2 betting. Their functions are to:

  • Show your potential win;
  • Represent the chances of the outcome to fulfill.

To create odds, bookmakers analyze upcoming matches. They do it by hiring an analyst team. Their task is to consider as many game-influencing pre-match factors as possible. So they can make accurate game predictions. Which are later transferred into Dota 2 odds. Keep reading, and we’ll share several methods best analysts use to predict games. If you apply them, it guarantees an increase in your betting win rate.

In fact, each betting platform has a different analyst team. Hence, their predictions can differ: everyone has various game analysis approaches. And that’s the main reason why Dota 2 odds vary from bookie to bookie. But such a difference won’t be significant: it is up to several percent.

How to Calculate Dota 2 Betting Odds?

Now let’s improve your betting a little bit. We’re about to share with you a strategy to accurately predict any bet. And to make it more clear, here is an example. Imagine you want to bet on the total kills market on Team Liquid vs Team Spirit match. But how do you predict an approximate kill score? Here is what you must consider:

Team playstyles Each Dota 2 team has different game strategies. Some might like an early push. While others prefer taking the lead through sudden skirmishes. You need to know how both teams approach the game and compare them. So you know how often the kills will be scored.
Player skill levels If both teams are equally strong, they will rarely be in the wrong positions. Such matches don’t have many kills in total. While teams are different in skill, it will result in more kills. However, this also depends on the role that a skilled player performs. Hence if it is a support, it won’t matter much.
Previous matches You start building a clearer image of the upcoming match when watching previous team collisions. You see how players utilize their skill levels and play styles in practice, not in your head. But you’ll need to elaborate on that image with these last factors.
Mental and physical player states Physical (injuries or illness) and mental issues (fatigue, tilt) drastically impact matches. That’s why you should always learn them before wagering. You can do it by following team-related news or tracking their last games.

That’s it for predicting the outcome of Dota 2 matches. However, feel free to add new factors to the list. This will build your own betting style and let you win more.

Let’s learn how you know your potential win based on the odds. We’ll take Team Liquid vs Team Spirit as an example again. But this time, it’ll be a match winner market with 2.5 vs 1.8 odds.

These Dota 2 odds mean you’ll get your stake multiplied by 2.5 if you bet on the first team and by 1.8 for the second. So if your stake is $100, your win will be $250 or $180.

Follow the Dota 2 Match and Bet in Live

Betting on live Dota 2 matches is beneficial in many ways. These are the bets accepted for the game which have already started. Here are the main of them:

  • They got you if you are late. The scenario when you want to bet but can’t wager at the right time occurs often. With live bets, you’ll never miss a wager;
  • Safety. All of us take risky bets from time to time. It is when we are too skeptical about the match result. Sometimes, all we need to fix that is to watch the Dota 2 character draft. Live bets let you do that and bet right after picks;
  • Increased odds. Live bets are more profitable than default ones. It is because bookies raise their odds to attract more bettors;
  • Unique markets. What’s also cool about live bets is their unique betting markets. They become available only because of the character of live matches.

To get a full-fledged live betting experience, you must watch the game. Hence you will analyze it in real time and bet once you are ready. The best bookies let you watch Dota 2 games in live right at their sites. It is very convenient as you don’t need to look for a separate stream on Twitch or YouTube. Watch and bet from the single site.

Predict a Dota 2 Match Winner Based on Odds

As it was stated, Dota 2 odds represent potential bet outcomes. You can use that to make a winning prediction. To do that, you must know that high odds (with lower multipliers) indicate a high-winning probability. While low odds (with higher multipliers) indicate lower winning probabilities.

So you can bet on the higher odds, and you’ll consistently win more than lose. But that way, you won’t win much: multipliers are too low. And you’ll receive many little prizes, which are impactful in the long run.

Check the Odds for Dota 2 Upcoming Matches

In contrast to live bets, betting on Dota 2 upcoming matches is much more weighted. It is because there are plenty of pre-game analysis tools at your disposal. And you must use them to achieve higher betting precision. Look for the example of pre-game analysis in the previous “How to calculate betting odds?” section.

However, to conduct this analysis, you don’t always have to watch plenty of matches. Alternatively, you can just look at statistics. These can be match outcomes, seasonal results, etc. Just make sure that you gather useful pieces of information.

What you can also do when performing pre-game bets is check out a couple of bookies. Hence you know which one has the highest Dota matches odds for your desired bet. Bet on it, and receive the biggest profit.

Dota 2 Matches: How Professional eSports Works

Lastly, it is essential to reinforce your Dota 2 betting odds knowledge with how eSports works. It will help you to be more accurate with your wagering and make better analyzes. Here is what you should know.

Format and Length of Dota 2 Matches

Dota 2 pro matches follow various formats. They divide a match into maps. And the number of them is indicated by the BO3, BO5, or other format names. For instance, the BO3 format requires a team to score 2 maps for a win. So this format series can have max 3 maps.

Speaking about map length, it is not restricted. The game is played until one of the teams destroys the enemy’s throne.

Hero Choices

All the Dota 2 matches in eSports are played in the captain’s draft mode. It doesn’t change the gameplay. But it implements a picking stage.

It is curated by both teams’ captains, who ban and pick heroes. Their task is to counter-pick their opponent, building a foundation for a successful map.

You should also know that Valve bans characters from eSports. It happens occasionally, as some characters have uncertain positions in the game’s balance. You can find a list of prohibited characters on the Valve site.

How Is a Dota 2 Pro Match Going?

Dota 2 match follows a well-known pattern. All the players from each team take lanes, in the middle of which they meet their opponents. A lane distribution may vary a lot depending on the game plan.

Each team’s task is to get ahead of the opponent. This is achieved by farming gold and experience killing creeps and enemy characters.

Once the team strengthens, they start fighting over objectives: towers, barracks, Roshan, etc. The more ones they capture, the more potent their team becomes. It allows them to make push for the final objective: the enemy’s throne. When the team breaks it, they win.

Always Be in The Game — Monitor the Dota 2 Match Schedule

Thanks to our automatically-updated schedule, you will always know upcoming Dota 2 matches. Hence, you’ll always stay up-to-date and won’t miss any important events.

What’s more, you can bet on all these matches with the best Dota 2 betting odds. This will give you the best profit possible. And don’t forget that you can watch live Dota 2 matches right on our site — no need to dig the net for the proper streaming service.