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Overwatch Betting Odds

Overwatch odds matter. They’re attached to every betting market and show their probable outcomes. But more importantly, they impact your profit. Every bettor must know how they work, and you can check if you do now.

There’s an odds table below. If you can’t instantly tell your potential profit by looking at it, you’ll find betting difficult. You can fix it. Read on to learn odds for Overwatch matches, how they are calculated, and how to use them for profit.

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What Are Overwatch Odds and Why Are They Different at Bookmakers

Overwatch betting odds have two functions. They represent a predicted match outcome and show your potential profit. We’ll explain how that works soon.

To calculate odds, bookmakers consider a lot of pre-bet factors. Everyone does it differently. That’s why betting sites have various odd numbers.

But they’re similar in one thing. Once there’s a major event like the Overwatch League, bookmakers will increase all the odds. That’s a competition. They try to create the most profitable environment to attract more clients.

However, this doesn’t apply to smaller competitions. Such events as the Open Division aren’t that popular, so bookies raise their odds less. There’s more.

Values also differ based on the betting market. For instance, match-winner odds are much easier to predict than others. Thus, they are stable and moderate in terms of profit.

On the other hand, there are total kill lines. They’re higher. It’s because even the best Overwatch players struggle to predict the exact upcoming kill score.

Watch Overwatch Matches and Bet in Real Time

Bettors also must know about live Overwatch odds. These are for live betting. They change all the time based on the situation on the battlefield.

There’s a trick to using live odds successfully. When betting on Overwatch matches in real time, predict when the odds will shift lower or higher. And wager before the change happens. If you can make your bet faster than the site changes betting odds, you’ll get extra profit.

Use Odds to Predict Overwatch Match Results

As we’ve stated, bookies analyze all competitions. They create odds based on that. You can use that to learn probable outcomes of Overwatch matches.

Look at the odds. If we talk about Decimals, the higher the number, the lesser the chance of it happening. And vice versa.

The gap between numbers is also important. If it’s small, for instance, 2.50 – 1.75, we know that the chance of the first team losing (2.50) is not that big. It’s the opposite with the odds like 5 – 1.25.

However, apply this advice broadly. We recommend checking several bookmakers and finding average odds. Don’t use just the best Overwatch odds.

You can also use odd numbers to calculate your potential profit. Just multiply your wager on them. For instance, if you’re betting $100 on 2.5 odds, you’ll receive $250 (initial bet + $150 on top).

Markets with the Best Overwatch Betting Odds

Overwatch matches have many betting markets. And frankly speaking, none of their odds are “The Best.” Instead, you should view them as easy and hard to pull off. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Match Winner – wager on who wins a match. That’s the easiest line with moderate odds, which makes it great for beginners. But you won’t win lots with it. Match-winner markets with high odds are too risky;
  • Totals – wager on whether a score goes over or under a given number. The score differs. It can be the total number of kills during the match, round, etc. Totals have better odds. But at the same time, they’re difficult to predict. So, if you’re choosing this market, do solid research to be accurate;
  • Handicap – a match-winner market with even bets. When teams have a skill gap that is too big, their odds become pointless. For the favorite, they’re too low. While for the outsider, they’re huge yet impossible to fulfill. Handicap evens them. It does it by reducing a win condition for the weaker team. For instance, instead of winning 2 maps in the BO3 format, it has to score just 1. Condition changes depending on teams’ skill gap;
  • Outrights – wager on the winner of the event. This one is risky. However, if you’ve analyzed all the event competitors well and can accurately predict the outcome, you’ll be rich. Overwatch odds for outrights are very high;
  • Map Winner – bet on who wins a certain map. As Overwatch matches follow a “Best Of” format (BO3, BO5), a map-winner bet type is available. To get the most out of it, use it in live. When you can see the map and characters, it’s much easier to tell who scores a map;
  • Game-Specific Markets – wagering on events unique to Overwatch. This market can let you wager on how many gravity bomb kills Tracer does per map, how many hooks a roadhog will land, etc. Their odds are high. But to bet accurately on these markets, consider the player, map, and character setups.

These all have viable profit odds. But pros know that betting on upcoming Overwatch matches is not the best option. Live bets are better.

When you use them, you can make more analysis before wagering. And if you’re fast enough, you’ll wager before the bookmaker shifts the Overwatch betting odds. Moreover, live betting has prop bets. They’re available only in the live mode, and their odds are usually great.