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Rocket League Betting Odds

Rocket League matches belong to the most exciting modern events. This game is a race in an unusual soccer style. After it was launched, few gamers could have imagined that it would be recognized all over the world. However, nowadays it is an eSports discipline included in different competitions and Rocket League odds are of great interest. Let’s learn more about them.

Rocket League Betting Odds with Live Results

Sorry, currently there are no events at this moment.

Modern Rocket League events are united into various professional events that you can follow and place bets on.

The following events are considered the most profitable:

  • ESL Open Cups with modest winnings;
  • ESL Major Cups for advanced players with winnings of 500 euros;
  • CRL with a winning fund of $50 000;
  • DreamHack with a $100 000 fund;
  • RLSS with more than $100 000 available for winners.

Therefore, more than $1 000 000 is played in one season. There are both scheduled and random matches. No wonder Rocket League betting has gained such huge popularity, as everyone can find a chance to win.
For instance, we provide a full match schedule with a perfect possibility to bet and profit. There are also free streams available, as well as scores, which change in real-time.

Rocket League Bets with Good Odds

Car football provides various bets and the ability to feel an unforgettable adrenaline rush. Novice gamers prefer to choose such options as a bet for today, total, etc.

Advanced gamers prefer to bet on the money line odds. This is a single bet on the winner or a draw that is concluded in advance. This strategy has proven itself to be successful and to bring profits both for random and scheduled matches. However, it requires careful calculation and analysis.

Another type is a bet with a handicap. Bookmakers provide such bets with an artificial advantage in trying to equalize the odds. This strategy works well if the superiority is more or less than the indicator, and is often used for matches with a big prize fund.

One more popular kind is bets on individual games. Experienced gamers who make accurate calculations to predict the winner and get maximum profits to utilize it.

In addition, there are attractive live bets among Rocket League odds. Their main advantage is the ability to change your mind until the last minute of the game and win.

Rocket League Odds Calculation

It is quite easy to win on live bets. However, the profit is usually modest, because the coefficient is not fixed. It is constantly changing according to the changing players and goals scored. To get a significant profit in this case, one has to select the moment with high Rocket League betting odds.

To describe the basics of the odds for Rocket League match calculation let’s consider two teams as an example. The first one with 1.60 odd and the second with 2.50.

  • When you bet $100 on the first one, you can earn $160. Thus, you have to multiply the bet and the odds to find out the result. The profit in this case is equal to $60.
  • When you bet the same amount on the second team, you get $250 and earn $150.
  • Furthermore, you can split the bet. For the first team, it will be calculated as 1/1.60 and equal to 0.625. This means that the winning chance is 62.5%. The corresponding calculation for the second team gives us 40%.
  • When we add these numbers, we get 102.5% of the total. This is because of the margin inclusion made by the bookmaker. He wants to get 2.5% in this case. The lower this level, the better it is for the gamer.

What Can Make The Odds Change?

First of all, the betting odds change throughout the whole game. Therefore, you need to follow it closely and be ready to react at any point.

In addition, each bookmaker has different odds for the same match because they include different margins and utilize different resources to analyze the match.

Where to Bet on Rocket League Matches with Favorable Odds?

Consider the best Rocket League betting sites to bet and profit from, and get a joyful experience.

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  • Variety in the choice of payment systems


This legal resource specializes in eSports bets. It provides a high-quality support team, high odds, bonuses, and a variety of awesome promotions. There is a mobile version and an iOS app for joyful playing from any place anytime.

Rocket League matches are always on the line. That is, you will always find something to bet on. GGBet also offers free streams for betting in real-time.


This resource is one of the leading in the online betting industry. It is reliable and legit and provides easy means for withdrawing funds, and a great variety of RL events, including streams and large odds. There are also attractive bonuses for all users.

The maximum variety of outcomes is available in live mode, but in the pre-match, you can find all the standard types of bets. All major events of this game are usually always available at Rivalry.


Here beginners will get nice bonuses as well as a user-friendly interface, built-in chat for communication with other players, and high odds. However, only big tournaments can be found here. But despite this, the matches are represented quite well in terms of outcomes and their amount.

What to Consider in the Professional Rocket League Match

Before making a bet, take a look at the following points:

  1. Rosters of teams;
  2. Motivation of the players;
  3. The results of the last events.

Then, it is recommended to start with modest bets on random matches. Thus, you will get the required data on live betting, get data on teams and understand statistics. Of course, a reliable trusted bookmaker is also highly important.

Such a site will provide you not only with great experience and high odds but also with:

  • Data on making match predictions;
  • Educational blogs for beginners and seasoned players;
  • Assessment of the success chances;
  • Special promotions and bonuses.

Keep in mind that different bookmakers have various odds, margins, and options for bettors. Therefore, learn more about their rules and requirements in advance.

Altogether, now you know the basics of this gaming option, its events, and the perfect chances for profits that exist for all bettors. Real-time mode is especially attractive in this case. However, the Rocket League eSports match is very dynamic and active, so you need to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay and get enough experience with usual bets before proceeding to the live mode.